24 Nov 2021

Why employee appraisals should go digital




Only 41% of organisations are using HR software to conduct appraisals – instead relying on manual or paper-based systems, despite over three-quarters adopting digital processes in the past year to support employees working remotely according to new research by StaffCircle[i].

The research also highlighted that 61% of employees would consider leaving an organisation if they didn’t receive frequent feedback, yet only 11% of HR leaders said that a lack of employee appraisals is the reason for employees leaving.

Adrian Lewis, Director at Activ People HR says firms shouldn’t underestimate the importance of conducting performance reviews for nurturing talent and using HR technology can ensure these happen on a regular basis.

Adrian says, “Many organisations were quick to grasp the need for having technology systems in place for managing workers forced to work at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it appears that appraisals were not a priority for some, and many businesses are still using manual or paper-based systems.

“This can mean appraisals don’t get done as employers are just not bothering to fill in manual or paper-based reports. Others may believe they are a waste of time, as appraisals were seen as outdated by some prior to the pandemic.”

A YouGov survey[ii] in 2018 revealed that annual appraisals were becoming outdated in the eyes of British employees, with half describing their appraisal at their current job as “pointless” or “time-consuming”.

Adrian says, “The pandemic has changed the way people are working but employees still need to feel appreciated and that they are doing a good job. Regular performance reviews are an important way to do this and shouldn’t be neglected because people are working remotely. Appraisal software can help businesses manage the process effectively, nurturing talent and engaging employees.”

To make it easier for firms to carry out appraisals, Activ People HR offers Activ Appraisals as part of its suite of cloud-based HR solutions. The tool is designed to make the process of managing employee appraisals and performance reviews simpler and more effective.

It helps managers prepare for an appraisal or review, and to record all feedback from the employee and their peers, so they always have a full picture of their employees’ achievements or challenges. It also enables managers to review previous performance and assess if objectives and core competencies have been met.

Adrian concludes, “Firms have embraced technology for many of their HR processes during the pandemic, and appraisals can also benefit from being done digitally. This ensures staff get regular feedback to help them perform at their best, even if they are working remotely.”

For more information on Active People HR visit: www.activpeoplehr.co.uk.

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