How our software benefits...

HR Teams

A way to stay organised

Our employee handbook software can be used to quickly find important documents, such as company policies. With an employee reference manual, you can stay up to date with the latest changes to your company's operations.

  • Filter between categories to easily find documents
  • Use electronic signatures to show acknowledgement
  • Receive automated emails about outstanding documents
  • Access the online employee handbook from any device

A simpler management system

Create a consistent process for managing company policies, exceptions, and regulations. Our software offers a central location to store all documentation, making it simpler to distribute to employees.

  • Categorise documents for streamlined organisation
  • Compile documents into an induction pack for new employees
  • Create multiple versions of documents to ensure they’re kept up to date
  • Keep a record of employee engagement with documents

A secure storage solution

HR leaders understand that security is paramount when it comes to storing company documentation. That's why our software requires members to log in before they can access other documents in the handbook.

  • Categorise and classify each document
  • Record who has read and acknowledged documents
  • Effortlessly distribute policies and procedures via email
  • Set restrictions on documents so that only listed employees can access them

A method of communicating change

As legislation changes, so will your policies and procedures. Remain legally compliant by updating existing templates with the click of a button. Our software will send an email notification to employees when any changes are made to important documentation, keeping every member of your company on the same page.

  • Secure centralised location for all policies and procedures
  • Send newly created documents to all employees easily
  • Set review dates to ensure company policies are regularly reviewed
  • Set expiry dates on documents such as insurance and liability certificates

What features our software includes

Benefit from a wide range of features with our company handbook software. We have streamlined the features to ensure that your daily tasks can be completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Create, manage and distribute company policies in one central location.

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Document Classification

  • Begin creating categories within the employee handbook
  • Compile documents into an induction pack for new starters
  • Set expiry dates to ensure documents and certificates are kept up to date
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Version Control

  • Update policies with the latest legislation
  • View a history of document changes
  • Automatically send out updated versions of existing content
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Automatic Notifications

  • Receive a notification when a policy needs to be reviewed
  • Send automatic emails whenever the employee handbook is updated
  • Automatically remind employees to acknowledge certain documents
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Security Measures

  • Take comfort knowing we're ISO 270001 certified
  • Securely store all documents via the Cloud
  • Configure access levels for employee handbooks
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Worldwide Capability

  • Access employee handbooks on any device with an internet connection
  • Provide staff all over the world with online access to documents
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System Integrations

  • Synchronise the system with third-party calendars
  • Benefit from our dedicated Technical Support Desk
  • Integrate with other software, including Activ Training and Activ Appraisals
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Activ Handbook is our employee handbook software, which allows you to create and distribute important documentation to employees. You can even monitor which employees have interacted with the handbook, sending automated emails when any updates are made. With the ability to track electronic signatures, you can streamline the process of sharing policies with employees.

Our employee handbook software has been designed to be easily accessible. With all documents stored in a central location, it has never been simpler to find the documents you need. With all documents organised into categories, you can simply filter through the results. Or for even more efficiency, you can enter the name of the document into the search bar. With a number of navigation options, our online employee handbook is accessible to all users.

Our digital employee handbook can be used to store a wide range of documents. From company policies to activity reports, our software can be used to store any documents relating to the operation of your business.

With our company handbook software, you can easily keep staff up to date. When a document needs to be updated, you can simply create a new version to work on. This will remain unpublished until you are ready to share the changes with the rest of the company. Once you do publish the updated document, employees will immediately receive an email notification.

Our online employee handbook enables employers to keep track of who has viewed the documents. Once an employee has read the latest version of the digital handbook, they will have the option of adding an electronic signature.

You can create custom employee handbooks by implementing access levels. This ensures that employees only have access to documents they need, ensuring they never feel overwhelmed with information. Adding access levels also acts as a security feature, limiting who can access certain information within the company.

Other modules

All modules
Activ Absence image

Activ Absence

Keep track of absences across your entire workforce. Our absence management software helps managers to view, approve and decline absence requests. Access detailed reports on staff absences to improve the efficiency of your organisation.
Activ Appraisals image

Activ Appraisals

Support the professional development of your team. Our performance appraisal software enables managers and employees to work together. Monitor the progress that your employees make in contributing to the success of your business.
Activ Documents image

Activ Documents

Store, share and access your employee's documents. Activ Documents encrypts each document and restricts access giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your documents are securely stored. Protect the documents of your employee’s with Activ Documents.
Activ People HR image

Activ People HR

Transform the way your human resources department works. Our employee management software includes a suite of modules, which can be used to store confidential documents, view staff absences and track team objectives. Find out why so many companies are choosing Activ People HR.
Activ Timesheets image

Activ Timesheets

Simplify the process of employee time tracking with Activ Timesheets. With our timesheets software, employees can easily enter their billable hours, with the option to add information about specific projects they have been working on. Use our software to increase productivity and accountability within your team.
Activ Training image

Activ Training

Keep compliance at the heart of everything you do with a staff training record. Use a training record to ensure members of your company have the relevant qualifications for their roles.

Speak to us about employee handbooks

If you are interested in the benefits that our digital handbook software could bring to your organisation, get in touch.

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