24 May 2024

Activ People HR Advocates for HR Software on International HR Day

As we celebrate International HR Day, Activ People HR’s Commercial Director, Adrian Lewis, steps into the spotlight to emphasise the transformative power of HR software in the modern business landscape.

In a video message, Lewis underscores how HR software has evolved from a mere administrative tool to a strategic asset, empowering organisations to streamline operations, foster employee engagement, and drive sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive global market.

“The vision for Activ People HR is how we can provide efficiencies and cost savings within the organisation with providing an all-inclusive HR platform. Staff development is important for organisations, so how can we help them perform regular management reviews, whether that is monthly one to one’s, whether that be perhaps a monthly, quarterly, or annually review of them, but having those tools in place to support those real heavy people management processes.”

Lewis continues:
“HR software has become such an important tool for businesses from very small start-up’s to corporate organisations because it helps improve efficiencies right the way across the business, and the most important asset in any business is their people.”

Lewis continues talking about the features of the Activ People HR software:
“So Activ People HR’s got quite a lot of key features that can drive efficiencies within the business, whether it’s providing access to the software, three six five, twenty-four seven, having the software available in any device and having smartphone apps, whether you’re an iPhone user or an android user, having staff that can reach their information when they need it, where they need it. There is looking at ways for customising workflows within an organisation, so if there’s a process that requires authorisation, how can we help, reduce the paper chasing, where the software drives that process and electronic document across the business for authorisation processes.
We’ve got some powerful alerts and notifications in the software so that HR or line managers or employees, they never forget that there’s an action they’ve got to undertake because the software can automate that task and reminders for them. It’s a real powerful tool in alerting staff when they need to do something. How good can we provide analytics and reporting tools that allow them to search the data, analyse it and really get data driven decisions, where maybe previously they didn’t have access to that data.”

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of remote work, digital transformation, and cross-cultural collaboration, Lewis remains steadfast in his commitment to championing the transformative potential of HR software on International HR Day and beyond.
To learn more about Activ People HR’s innovative solutions and how they can revolutionise your HR operations, visit www.activpeoplehr.co.uk and join the conversation on social media using #InternationalHRDay.