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HR Departments

A tool for employee accountability

Our employee management software was built with people at its very core. Enable your employees to take accountability, with the ability to update personal objectives and request annual leave.

  • Submit holiday requests in as little as 30 seconds
  • Access and submit timesheet records at any time
  • Track the progress of personal objectives
  • Receive notifications about upcoming deadlines
  • Update personal records with confidential information
  • Access company policies and procedures

A method for team management

Use our employee and task management system to gain better control of your team. Access employee data to monitor the professional development of team members, identifying opportunities for training and promotion.

  • Create annual appraisals and interim reviews
  • Upload training materials for staff to use
  • Provide continuous feedback on employee performance
  • Manage all staff requests from one location
  • Approve timesheets with the click of a button
  • Compile documents into an induction pack for new starters

A system for workforce organisation

With our employee management software, human resources departments can oversee the entire workforce. Store company policies, view employee calendars and update vacancy listings with our suite of management modules.

  • Correlate time with cost through timesheet records
  • Collaborate with managers to improve team efficiency
  • Gather employee feedback to improve appraisal questions
  • Provide insight into the employee experience across departments
  • Regularly review the employee benefits package
  • Set access levels on confidential documents and policies

A way to improve operational visibility

Our workforce management software provides employees, managers and administrators with the tools they need to succeed. Gain visibility of how your organisation operates on a day-to-day basis, with the ability to analyse the performance of specific individuals and departments.

  • Enhance compliance with employment law through consistent use of policies
  • Manage all employee documents from one secure online location
  • Download extensive reports on employee attendance and team performance
  • Identify patterns in employee absences to address potential issues
  • Encourage employee ownership with accurate time tracking

What features our software includes

Benefit from the wide range of features within our employee management system. We have streamlined all features to ensure that your daily tasks are completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Transparent processes, actionable goals and concrete milestones help employees and teams stay ahead by knowing where they’re going.

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Worldwide Capability

  • Access digital files from any device, anytime and anywhere
  • Manage staff across the globe from one central system
  • Create location based policies and procedures
  • Configure the system to meet language requirements
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System Integrations

  • Integrate the modules you need into a central system
  • Benefit from our integrated Technical Support Desk
  • Synchronise the system with third-party calendars including Gmail, Outlook, IOS, and Android
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Advanced Security

  • Store all data securely via the cloud
  • Encrypt every file with a unique key
  • Require authentication to access confidential information
  • Rest easy knowing our systems are ISO 270001 certified
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Bespoke Functionality

  • Choose which modules to include in the system
  • Configure the system to meet the unique needs of your organisation
  • Assign access levels to certain areas of the system
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ActivPeople HR is our employee management system. With six modules to choose from, our software can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. From monitoring employee engagement to submitting asset requests to completing performance reviews, our software can be used to improve the efficiency of your business operations. No matter how big or small your business is, you can always count on our modular software. It is no wonder so many businesses say we have the best employee management system.

Our staff management software is completely modular. This means you can choose from our wide range of staff management modules, to meet the unique needs of your business. Choose from Activ Absence, Activ Appraisals, Activ Timesheets, Activ Documents, Activ Handbook and Activ Training.

When using our software, you will have access to our dedicated support team. You can contact them by phone, email or live chat, where a member of the team will be able to answer your queries. At your request, we can even deliver staff training, ensuring every member of your team knows how to use the employee database.

Our staff management software has a number of security measures in place, providing you with a safe place to manage employee data. By using advanced encryption methods and authentication processes, you can rest assured that all employee records are protected from unathorised access.

What modules we provide

All modules
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Activ Absence

Keep track of absences across your entire workforce. Our absence management software helps managers to view, approve and decline absence requests. Access detailed reports on staff absences to improve the efficiency of your organisation.
Activ Appraisals image

Activ Appraisals

Support the professional development of your team. Our performance appraisal software enables managers and employees to work together. Monitor the progress that your employees make in contributing to the success of your business.
Activ Documents image

Activ Documents

Store, share and access your employee's documents. Activ Documents encrypts each document and restricts access giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your documents are securely stored. Protect the documents of your employee’s with Activ Documents.
Activ Handbook image

Activ Handbook

Share important documents with employees across your organisation. Our employee handbook software can be used to ensure every member of your company is up to date with the latest policies and procedures.
Activ Timesheets image

Activ Timesheets

Simplify the process of employee time tracking with Activ Timesheets. With our timesheets software, employees can easily enter their billable hours, with the option to add information about specific projects they have been working on. Use our software to increase productivity and accountability within your team.
Activ Training image

Activ Training

Keep compliance at the heart of everything you do with a staff training record. Use a training record to ensure members of your company have the relevant qualifications for their roles.

Speak to us about Activ People HR

If you are interested in the benefits that our employee management software could bring to your organisation, get in touch.

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