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Flexible People Management Features

Employee Records

Complete management of all employees work-related information.

Management Hierarchy

Clear organisational structure with defined roles.

Approval Hierarchy

Streamlined approval processes for efficient workflows.

Personal Details

Secure storage and management of employee personal information.

Emergency Contacts

Easily accessible emergency contact details for every employee.

Demographic Data

Insightful demographic analysis and reporting capabilities.

Onboarding Checklists

Structured onboarding process with customisable checklists.

Smooth transition and exit process for departing employees.

Smart Tasks

Automated task assignment and tracking for increased productivity.

Scheduled and triggered email alerts for HR processes.

Centralised repository for storing and accessing employee-related documents.

Induction Packs

Tailored induction content for seamless employee orientation.

Welcome Page

Personalised home page for new employees to get started.

Diversity Analytics

In-depth analytics to track diversity metrics and progress.

Rotating Shift Patterns

Flexible scheduling options to accommodate rotating shift patterns.

Efficient Leave and Absence Management Features

Effortlessly calculate leave entitlements and balances.

Unlimited Leave Types

Customise leave categories to fit your company’s needs.

Leave Balance Reports

Access detailed reports on employee leave balances.

Time Off in Lieu

Manage compensatory TOIL requests arrangements seamlessly.

Unlimited Leave Balances

Enjoy flexibility with unlimited leave balance tracking.

Automated Carry Over

Automatically carry unused leave to the next leave year.

Effectively handle unexpected employee absences.

Manage HR metric used to measure employee absenteeism.

Configurable Self Certifications

enable employees to declare their sickness absence from work.

Bespoke Return to Work Forms

Streamline the RTW process with customisable sickness forms.

Cost of Absence Reports

Analyse the financial impacts of employee absences.

Absence Trends Analysis

Identify patterns and trends in any period of absence.

Absence Percentage Reports

Monitor absence rates with detailed percentage reports.

Receive notifications when absence threshold or frequency is reached.

Productive Employee Document Features

Manage all required employee documents in central record.

Custom Workflows

Create personalised document processing workflows.

Document Reviews

Manage review process of required employee documents

Document Expiries

Track and manage document expiration dates.

Review and Expiry Alerts

Receive timely notifications for document reviews and expirations.

Required Documentation Analysis

Analyse and ensure compliance with necessary documentation.

Single Central Register

Maintain a centralised repository for all employee documents.

Document E-Signatures

Enable secure electronic signatures for documents.

Simplified Time Tracking Features

Timesheet Submissions

Flexible submission on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Record Working Hours

Accurate time recording of employee work hours.

Track Total Hours

Effortlessly monitor total hours worked by employees.

Multiple Unit Types

Support for diverse unit types for tracking purposes.

Custom Approval Flows

Tailored approval workflows to suit your business processes.

Time Tracking Reports

Insightful reports for analysing time tracking data.

Bespoke Payroll Exports

Customised exports for seamless integration with payroll systems.

Straightforward Performance Management Features


Efficient employee performance assessment system.

Multiple Configurations

Customise review setup setups to suit organisational needs.

Peer Reviews

Incorporate peer feedback into performance assessment processes.

Interim / Mid Year Reviews

Conduct additional performance reviews throughout the year.

Co-signatory Signoff

Enable multiple parties to sign off on performance reviews.

Company Objectives

Align employee goals with organisational objectives for performance tracking.

Personal Objectives

Set individual goals for employees to drive performance improvements.

Configurable Appraisal Workflows

Tailor appraisal processes to match your organisation’s structure.

Company Branded PDFs

Generate performance reports with customized branding for a professional touch.

Versatile Training Records Features

Central Training Record Management

Organize all training records in one accessible location.

CPD Records

Track employees’ Continuous Professional Development activities.

Skill Competency Scores

Assess and record employees’ proficiency levels in various skills.

Skills Gap Analysis

Identify gaps in employees’ skill sets for targeted training.

Role/Skills Profiling

Define and document required skills for each job role.

Job/Role Library

Access predefined job roles and their associated skill requirements.

Professional Registration

Manage employees’ professional memberships and certifications.

Employee Qualifications

Record and track employees’ academic and professional qualifications.

Certificate Tracking

Monitor the status and validity of employees’ certifications.

Qualification Expiries

Receive alerts for upcoming qualification expiration dates.

Expiry Reminders

Set reminders for qualification and certification renewal deadlines.

LMS Intergrations

Seamlessly integrate with Learning Management Systems for comprehensive training management.

Resourceful Policies and procedures Features

Company Policies & Procedures

Centralise and manage all organisational policies and procedures.

Distribute Company Policies

Easily distribute company policies to all employees.

E-Signature Acknowledgement

Securely collect employee acknowledgments using electronic signatures.

Version Control

Maintain and track document versions for compliance and accuracy.

Document Reviews

Facilitate collaborative reviews and updates of policies and procedures.

Access Restrictions

Control access to sensitive policy documents based on user roles.

Document Classifications

Classify documents based on their level of confidentiality or importance.

Document Categorisation

Organise policies and procedures into logical categories for easy retrieval.

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