Comprehensive Onboarding and Offboarding

Providing new employees, with a fantastic onboarding experience is crucial to any company. It’s more than a warm welcome; it’s about setting expectations, valuing team members, and providing a structured process for success.

Impact of Thoughtful Onboarding

A thoughtful onboarding experience isn't just a perk; it's a fundamental aspect of achieving success. It goes beyond the initial welcome, fostering a sense of belonging that translates into increased employee retention, reduced turnover, and a boost in productivity.

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Task-Based Onboarding

When a new team member joins, our HR software transforms the onboarding process into a collaborative journey. HR creates a personalised task list and distributes it to the relevant departments, ensuring that everyone is equipped with their responsibilities. The progress chart keeps everyone on track, providing a visual roadmap of tasks and reminders.

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Checklists and Document Management

The onboarding journey continues with our robust checklist and Document Management system. No crucial step is missed as our platform guides you through the onboarding journey effortlessly. From reading and acknowledging company policies to completing the necessary paperwork, eliminating paperwork hassles, and ensuring compliance. All documents are securely stored, making the onboarding experience hassle-free.

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Transitioning to Offboarding

When an employee decides to part ways, our offboarding software ensures a smooth and organised transition. Our software goes beyond departure, ensuring a positive experience for both the departing employee and the organisation. From exit interviews to returning company assets, our platform can document it all.

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Document Retrieval and Compliance

You can retrieve and securely store all necessary documents related to the departing employee within the software. This includes signed agreements, exit interviews, and any other essential records, ensuring compliance.

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Learn more about our onboarding and offboarding processes

Unlock transformative solutions for your business, including seamless employee onboarding. Book a free demo today.

Learn more about our onboarding and offboarding processes

Unlock transformative solutions for your business, including seamless employee onboarding. Book a free demo today.

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What customers are saying

Your responsiveness to queries/development requests that can help us and your other clients/tweaks – has been amazing and was one very real reason why we chose your product out of the top 3 (and indeed circa 10 products we looked at).

Activ is really user-friendly, with great customer support, and gives us clear information on reports at a glance!

We are very happy with the Activ system, it was easy to set up, straightforward to manage, and very user-friendly. It has really helped us understand who is in each day, as well as manage employee absences. The ongoing support is also very helpful, they always respond quickly and efficiently. I would thoroughly recommend Activ.

Activ has helped with our growing business to keep track of holidays within departments and with the function enabling other employees to not book any time off if below a number of employees, it has ensured we always have adequate cover in every department – I am not sure how we operated the management prior to this!

Activ Absence has been implemented to meet a diverse range of requirements across the University. We are very pleased with the flexibility of the product and the support.

We have found Activ People HR a very useful business tool, easy to use, clear and informative. All holidays are now processed through the system, freeing up valuable time and the old paper system we used to use.” The absence management works well for us, easy to see immediately an employee's absence to date 7 Bradford score. The report function is user-friendly and has multiple reports to do

Onboarding and Offboarding FAQs

To enhance onboarding processes, our platform incorporates pre-onboarding emails that warmly welcome new hires and establish clear expectations before the commencement of employment.

Activ People HR allows you to define any number of checklist templates, so when you have a new employee to onboard you simply select all the checklist templates that apply for the new starter e.g. the checklist template for head office staff and the checklist template for sales staff. The software then builds the bespoke checklist for new starters applying task deadline dates based on the employee's start date.

Our offboarding software ensures an organised transition when an employee decides to part ways. It includes features for document retrieval and compliance, securely storing essential records, such as signed agreements and exit interviews, to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

The checklist and document management system plays a vital role in enhancing the onboarding process. It allows for the assignment of checklist tasks to various stakeholders within the organisation, such as IT for email account setup or scheduling a meeting between the line manager and the new employee on their first day. Moreover, these tasks can trigger automated emails, including pre-onboarding welcome emails and notifications to the team about the new starter.

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