HR Departments

Employee Benefits:

Activ Training provides an employee with a clear and concise resource to be used as a guide for job performance and reviewed during the appraisal or performance review.

  • Track and record skills and competencies
  • Record training and experience from previous employment
  • Link competency achievements to training completion

Manager's Benefits:

Store your trainees, their training, and their certificates all in one place using our software that makes it easy for you to manage training, compliance, skill set and certification within your organisation.

  • Create Training course information for employees to undertake
  • Manager completion of assigned training courses
  • Track employee course feedback and review any supporting evidence
  • Manage training profiles across your whole department

HR Department Benefits:

Managing multiple staff training profiles can be a time consuming and complex task; using Activ Training offers you some fantastic features to cut down the time you are spending on menial tracking and cross-checking by allowing you to:

  • Analyse training statistics
  • Define a skills matrix for specific job roles. Employees in your team will be able to see where they excel, and where they need to improve.
  • Determine whether your corporate training program is a worthwhile investment by calculating ROI.
  • Maintain and log mandatory compliance training within the business

Organisation Benefits:

Activ Training is a useful tool for record keeping for training courses across the organisation. Maintaining a log of training records for your company is of paramount importance. Making sure all details are up to date so you can identify who has attended what course will enable you to identify gaps in employee records.

  • Receive email notifications to ensure timely renewal of certification
  • Easy access to details of training qualifications, previous work experience, skills and more
  • Engagement of employees and managers in updating training records and information to support their roles
  • Improved succession planning by evaluating if new employees need to be hired to fill a certain role
  • Highlight areas within your organisation that should be developed and give a clearer picture of any areas that need improvement


Keep compliance at the heart of everything you do with Activ Training. Ensuring your members have the relevant training and certifications for their role on record. Your member training records are kept up to date with our automated reminders.

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Managing Skills & Competencies

  • Complete reporting on employee professional development
  • Integrated seamlessly with Activ Appraisals
  • Store training certificates
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Job Role Requirements

  • Easily access job descriptions as a clear and concise reference
  • Identify company skill requirements for a vacancy
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Training Records & CPD

  • Record keeping for training courses across the organisation
  • Identify gaps in employee knowledge and skills
  • Training Feedback reviews on course completion
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Yes, you can add Training Records to employee Training Profiles via the Activ Training Import feature within the Training module itself.

Yes, you can add new job roles through the administration section. Currently, there is no limit on the number of job roles you can create within Activ Training.

Yes, you have full control over which email notifications are sent.  They can be configured to send on a status, or on a schedule, depending on your requirements.

You can add and remove training courses at any time using the administration section of the Training Module. To do this, you'll need to follow a straightforward form by providing some minor details of the course before saving. The new course will then be immediately available to you.

Activ Training has a well-rounded Training Profile feature that will contain the most up-to-date records for which Training Course, Qualification and Membership the employee has gained.

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