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HR Departments

A document of accomplishments

With a training record, you can keep an eye on employee accomplishments. When an employee completes a new qualification, this can be recorded and reviewed during their next appraisal.

  • Document professional development
  • Record experience from previous employment
  • Track progression through training qualifications
  • Link competency achievements to training completion

A record of employee development

Keep a clear record of staff certifications. Our software makes it easy for you to monitor professional development within your department, providing you with references for individual appraisals.

  • Manage employee profiles across your whole department
  • Upload training materials for staff to use
  • Assign courses to specific team members
  • Provide feedback and review any supporting evidence

A method of departmental analysis

Managing multiple staff training profiles can be a time-consuming task. By using our software, you can cut down the time you spend on tracking employee training.

  • Log mandatory compliance training within the business
  • Determine the value of internal training courses
  • Analyse training statistics across departments
  • Define a skills matrix for specific job roles

A tool for monitoring progression

Our software can be used as a training record for your entire organisation. Identify training opportunities for employees, to improve skillsets across departments.

  • Review details about staff training, qualifications and experience
  • Monitor engagement from staff and managers
  • Recognise skill gaps in teams for efficient hiring
  • Receive email notifications to ensure timely renewal of certification

What features our software includes

Benefit from a range of features offered in our training record software. Support your staff as they develop their skills and knowledge, building a team of specialists in your industry. Use our software to monitor their progress for insightful appraisals.

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Training Records

  • Store past employee training records
  • Monitor how employees are progressing
  • Complete reporting on employee professional development
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Employee Appraisals

  • Review employee development ready for appraisals
  • Identify gaps in employee knowledge and skills
  • Recommend additional training to staff
  • Provide feedback on course completion
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Job Role Requirements

  • Determine company skill requirements for a vacancy
  • Outline training requirements for new employees
  • Access and update job descriptions for future roles
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How much our software costs

Find out how much our software could cost your business.

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Activ Training is our training record software. By using our software, you can monitor the professional development of staff across your entire business. Once you access the software, you will be able to view information about all of your employees, including qualifications they have completed and courses they are started. For many managers, this information forms the basis of employee appraisals, providing them with a complete overview of the development of their team.

Our software allows you to add multiple training records to an employee's profile. All you need to do is use the import feature within the Activ Training module.

With our staff training database, you have the ability to add new job roles through the administration section. Currently, there is no set limit on the number of job roles you can create within Activ Training.

Within the software, you can configure the email settings to meet your requirements. Whether you want emails to send on a status or a schedule, you can control all email notifications for your business.

You can add and remove training courses at any time using the administration section. To do this, all you need to do is fill in a form with details about the course. Once you submit the form, the new course will be immediately available to you, streamlining the process of managing staff training.

Our training record software allows you to monitor which courses your staff have completed. You can even view individual employee profiles, which will show you what qualifications they have completed and what courses they have started. This allows employers to keep an eye on professional development across their organisation.

Other modules

All modules
Activ Absence image

Activ Absence

Keep track of absences across your entire workforce. Our absence management software helps managers to view, approve and decline absence requests. Access detailed reports on staff absences to improve the efficiency of your organisation.
Activ Appraisals image

Activ Appraisals

Support the professional development of your team. Our performance appraisal software enables managers and employees to work together. Monitor the progress that your employees make in contributing to the success of your business.
Activ Documents image

Activ Documents

Store, share and access your employee's documents. Activ Documents encrypts each document and restricts access giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your documents are securely stored. Protect the documents of your employee’s with Activ Documents.
Activ Handbook image

Activ Handbook

Share important documents with employees across your organisation. Our employee handbook software can be used to ensure every member of your company is up to date with the latest policies and procedures.
Activ People HR image

Activ People HR

Transform the way your human resources department works. Our employee management software includes a suite of modules, which can be used to store confidential documents, view staff absences and track team objectives. Find out why so many companies are choosing Activ People HR.
Activ Timesheets image

Activ Timesheets

Simplify the process of employee time tracking with Activ Timesheets. With our timesheets software, employees can easily enter their billable hours, with the option to add information about specific projects they have been working on. Use our software to increase productivity and accountability within your team.

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