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HR Departments

A method for time management

Allow employees to keep track of the total hours they have spent on tasks. Our timesheet software can provide employees with additional control over their workload, allowing them to better manage their time.

  • Access and submit timesheet records at any time
  • Automatically update timesheets with planned leave
  • Send automatic reminders to complete time tracking
  • Receive notifications by email when timesheets are updated
  • Ensure employees are being paid in line with their working hours

A solution to tracking time

Using our time tracking software, managers can monitor productivity across the entire department. Regularly reviewing employee timesheets can help you to keep track of how certain projects are progressing.

  • Receive email notifications when your team submits a timesheet
  • Approve or revoke timesheets with the simple click of a button
  • Improve the efficiency of project management
  • View and track the status of your department’s timesheet submissions
  • Generate reports on weekly, monthly or quarterly performance of your team

An accurate record of time

With our online timesheet software, you can customise the configuration to suit your business’s needs. For HR departments, this provides a complete record of time spent by employees, teams and departments, allowing you to drill down on specific time tracking data.

  • Keep accurate records of hours worked and time travelled
  • Automatically add planned leave to employee timesheets
  • Correlate time with cost through timesheet records
  • Collaborate with managers to improve team efficiency

A system for calculating payroll

By using our time tracking software, you can accurately calculate payroll across your entire organisation. Analysing how many hours is being spent on tasks makes it easier to assign costs and decide wages.

  • Identify areas that could be made more cost-effective
  • Monitor employee productivity across the organisation
  • Increase efficiency by comparing recorded timesheets vs actual output
  • Encourage employee ownership with accurate time tracking

What features our software includes

Benefit from a range of key features in our employee timesheet software. With the help of our software, you can track time spent on various tasks, projects and activities, gaining insight into how your employees are utilising their time. Access our software to improve efficiency across your entire organisation. Explore the key features available with our software.

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Time Tracking

  • Allow employees to take control of their timesheets
  • Calculate work hours of employees and teams
  • Encourage accountability amongst team members
  • Monitor the progress of specific tasks or projects
  • Provide access to timesheets anytime, anywhere, on any device
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Cost Calculations

  • Produce accurate billable rates and price lists
  • Adjust budgets where projects take longer than expected
  • Identity opportunities to minimise costs
  • Reduce the administration required to create invoices
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Data Reporting

  • Analyse data about how employees are using their time
  • Identify patterns on when employees are most productive
  • Calculate how much time it takes to complete certain tasks
  • Add reporting codes for quick and easy identifiers
  • Produce custom reports using weekly, monthly and quarterly performance data
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Seamless Integrations

  • Integrates with Activ Absence to add dashboard functionality
  • Benefit from our integrated Technical Support Desk
  • Synchronise with third-party calendars including Gmail, Outlook, IOS, and Android
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Activ Timesheets is our time tracking software, which can be used to record time spent on different tasks, projects and activities. For managers, our software offers them insight into how their employees are spending their time, providing data insights into the difference between billable time and non billable time.

Activ Timesheets works by enabling employees to submit daily, weekly or monthly timesheets. Once the timesheets have been completed, the software can be used to generate reports that provide data insights. With this data to hand, managers and organisations can monitor employee productivity, optimise resource allocation and improve financial planning.

When submitting a timesheet, employees will have the option to add notes or evidence for specific tasks. This also provides employees with an opportunity to provide an explanation, should they spend more time on a task than they have been allocated. Until employees decide to submit their timesheet, it will remain as a draft that only they can access. In doing so, employees can continue to add information to their timesheet until it is ready to be submitted.

Once an employee has submitted their timesheet, their manager will receive an email notification. When reviewing your employee’s timesheets, you will have the opportunity to respond to any comments, before approving or rejecting the timesheet.

Activ Timesheets can be used to generate reports. Once all employee timesheets have been submitted, this data can be used to produce insightful reports. Using these time reports, organisations can automatically calculate hourly rates, resulting in a more streamlined invoicing process.

Other modules

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