HR Departments

Employee Benefits:

Activ Timesheets is easy time tracking for everyone, everywhere, connect online from all browsers or mobile devices. With our powerful timesheet tool you can:

  • Access your timesheet, update, and submit anytime, anywhere
  • Employees can be paid accurately based on all time worked
  • Receive notifications by email when your timesheet status changes
  • Activ Timesheets seamlessly tracks any planned leave and absences

Manager's Benefits:

Activ Timesheets will help save your managers time by collating their Timesheet approvals all in one, easy to navigate, place.

  • Report on employee work hours
  • Approve/Revoke timesheets with the simple click of a button
  • View and track the status of your department’s timesheet submissions
  • Receive email notifications when your team submits a timesheet

HR Department Benefits:

Activ Timesheets recognises that not all timesheets are created equal. That why we’ve built bespoke time tracking solutions for numerous customers. With Activ Timesheets you can customise the configuration to suit your unique business needs.

  • Record time against cost centres
  • Keep accurate records of hours worked, travel time, accruals, and adjustments
  • Seamless integration with Activ Absence and Activ Appraisals
  • Automatically add planned leave to the timesheet
  • Record time against separate company cost centres

Organisation Benefits:

Using Activ Timesheets throughout the organisation can provide you with accurate information for payroll as well as time spent on a project.

  • Monitor employee productivity across the organisation
  • Increase efficiency by comparing recorded timesheets vs actual output
  • Help identify areas within the business that could be made more cost effective
  • Encourage employee ownership of the process


Activ Timesheets is a comprehensive and configurable module that will support your day-to-day business needs by devolving responsibility to your employees, while also offering them several features to enhance their experience of filling in their timesheets.

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Timesheet Submissions

  • Access Timesheets anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Categorize your timesheets for your specific requirements
  • Ideal for flexible shift workers
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Cost Centers

  • Trigger cost centre’s on Timesheet submission to streamline and reduce administration efforts
  • Record time with separate company cost centers
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Timesheet Reporting

  • Keep accurate payroll records
  • Effortlessly capture and analyze company statistics
  • Add reporting codes for quick and easy identifiers
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Seamless Integrations

  • Integrates with Activ Absence to add dashboard functionality
  • Automatically captures any planned leave booked into an employee’s calendar
  • Update Time Off In Lieu balance on timesheet approval
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The Activ Timesheets Module will add functionality to each employee’s Activ dashboard where the employee can maintain their timesheet before it is submitted to their Manager for approval.

The system can be configured so that your employees are able to submit Daily, Weekly or Monthly timesheets.

Prior to submitting their timesheet an employee can add notes to specific dates to provide an explanation of any working hours that are out of the norm. An employee can maintain their timesheet throughout the reporting period by saving it as a draft with each update until it’s ready to be submitted.

Once an employee has submitted their timesheet it’s then presented to their Manager for approval. Their Manager can add their own comments and then either approve or reject the timesheet.

HR can run reports on the approved timesheets and even produce Excel exports of the data which can then be used for payroll and other HR systems.

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