How our software benefits...

HR Departments

A tool for personal development

Our performance management software can be used by employees to submit self-assessments. Enable employees to set their own goals, and encourage them to further their careers.

  • Submit self-assessments in the employee appraisal dashboard
  • Track the progress of personal objectives
  • Receive notifications about upcoming deadlines
  • Review past appraisals for a comprehensive view of development

A system for team performance

Use our performance management system to support the development of your team. As each member of your team will have different goals, use the appraisal process to set individual objectives.

  • Schedule annual and interim performance reviews
  • Store all employee data in a central location
  • Provide continuous feedback to employees
  • Track your team's progress from the manager's dashboard

A way to support employees

The performance review process is an opportunity for HR teams, managers and employees to work together. Oversee all performance appraisals to support the development of the business.

  • Gather employee feedback to improve appraisal questions
  • Provide insight on employee satisfaction across departments
  • Review historic appraisals to evaluate employees
  • Act as a co-signatory to ensure the integrity of the appraisal process

A method of gaining insight

With our performance management software, organisations can gain valuable insight into each department. Establishing transparent processes, actionable goals and concrete milestones will provide departments with a clear direction of travel.

  • Communicate objectives for your entire organisation
  • Monitor the engagement of your employees all over the world
  • Identify employee development for internal promotions
  • Retain a record of historic performance appraisals

What key features our software includes

We believe that employees are the cornerstone of every company. Performance reviews are an opportunity to encourage the development of employees, helping them to achieve their personal and professional goals. With our performance appraisal system, companies can support the progression of employees and departments, feeding into their overall performance as a company.

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Employee Self-Assessments

  • Allow employees to assess their own performance within their role
  • Define employee competencies, strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify qualifications for employees to work towards
  • Configure appraisal questions for specific roles across the company
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Annual & Interim Reviews

  • Perform interim reviews for a balanced perspective of employee performance
  • Prepare performance review templates for annual reviews
  • Compile historic appraisal reports to monitor progress
  • Gather feedback from employees, managers and departments on business operations
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Automated Objective Tracking

  • Add, update and complete key objectives
  • Monitor employee performance through automated tracking
  • Receive email notifications for approaching deadlines
  • Reduce time spent on manually tracking employee goals
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Talent Management

  • Track performance metrics to identify top talent
  • Provide guidance as employees work towards internal promotion
  • Use manager feedback to help employees reach their full potential
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Department Progression Reports

  • Filter through department objectives with an easy-to-use reporting feature
  • Generate reports on department progression throughout the month, quarter or year
  • Collect and analyse specific data to inform strategic business decisions
  • Interpret the correlation between employee performance and business growth
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Activ Appraisals is our performance review software. We designed our software to make it easy for managers to monitor the development of employees, teams and departments. Whilst in the past, it might have been difficult for managers to keep track of the progress being made by employees, our software provides constant updates as employees achieve their objectives. This allows managers to provide real time feedback, for effective employee performance management.

Our performance appraisal software works by allowing managers to oversee employee performance. From within the software, managers can schedule meetings, prepare questions, set objectives and provide feedback. There is even the option for appraisal history tracking so that managers can see how far their employees have come. Using our software allows organisations to develop an employee performance review process, ensuring employees continue to contribute to the success of the business.

You can create new appraisals at any time within our performance management software. When creating an appraisal, you will have a number of settings to choose from. This will allow you to tailor the appraisal to the employee, depending on their individual performance.

If you are the administrator of the appraisal, you will have the ability to navigate between different stages of the process. So, if you want to review previous performance notes you can easily do this from within the software.

Activ Appraisals is a highly configurable performance management tool. When creating an appraisal, you can decide which questions to include depending on employee role, level or department. You also have the ability to add questions for specific employees, providing a more tailored performance management process.

Within Activ Appraisals, you can view a complete history of employee performance reviews. All you need to do is navigate to the 'Archive' tab to view past performance reviews. This can be an effective way of tracking employee engagement, particularly for new managers that want to learn more about their team.

The Appraiser can be updated at any time. By navigating to the 'Employee Profile', you can change the name of the Appraiser. However, please keep in mind that it can take 24 hours to update.

Other modules

All modules
Activ Absence image

Activ Absence

Keep track of absences across your entire workforce. Our absence management software helps managers to view, approve and decline absence requests. Access detailed reports on staff absences to improve the efficiency of your organisation.
Activ Documents image

Activ Documents

Store, share and access your employee's documents. Activ Documents encrypts each document and restricts access giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your documents are securely stored. Protect the documents of your employee’s with Activ Documents.
Activ Handbook image

Activ Handbook

Share important documents with employees across your organisation. Our employee handbook software can be used to ensure every member of your company is up to date with the latest policies and procedures.
Activ People HR image

Activ People HR

Transform the way your human resources department works. Our employee management software includes a suite of modules, which can be used to store confidential documents, view staff absences and track team objectives. Find out why so many companies are choosing Activ People HR.
Activ Timesheets image

Activ Timesheets

Simplify the process of employee time tracking with Activ Timesheets. With our timesheets software, employees can easily enter their billable hours, with the option to add information about specific projects they have been working on. Use our software to increase productivity and accountability within your team.
Activ Training image

Activ Training

Keep compliance at the heart of everything you do with a staff training record. Use a training record to ensure members of your company have the relevant qualifications for their roles.

Speak to us about performance management

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