HR Departments

Employee Benefits:

Receive notifications by e-mail when an Appraisal has been created

  • Track and update personal objectives
  • Edit and submit self-assessments from the My Appraisal Dashboard
  • Email notifications to help remind employees of deadlines
  • Update personal objective progress

Managers Benefits:

Your members all have different goals, personally and professionally, and the way in which you manage and evaluate these will differ. Keep track of employee performance and set clear and effective objectives throughout the Appraisal process.

  • Create annual Appraisals and interim reviews
  • Track your department progress from the managers dashboard
  • Paperless capture of information, stored all in one place
  • Manage past and future employee objectives

HR Department Benefits:

HR, managers, and employees can work together to build action plans and help employees reach personal and professional success. Track and manage all department Appraisals utilising:

  • Options to be a co-signatory to ensure the integrity of the Appraisal process
  • In-house Appraisals administration – allows you to create the perfect Appraisal questionnaire
  • Retain all historical Appraisals and interim reviews
  • Run reports on Appraisal questions to obtain specific information

Organisation Benefits:

Transparent processes, actionable goals, and concrete milestones help employees and teams stay ahead by knowing where they’re going. Globally manage all employee appraisals in one, easy to navigate area.

  • Create a library of global objectives to make sure your company is achieving their goals
  • Set global expiry dates for automatically adding your goals to each Appraisal
  • Retain all archived appraisal and review data to make it easy to reflect on past answers


Its no secret that members are the cornerstone of every company. Performance appraisals are the systematic evaluation and review of member performance. Managing and directing members is a key factor in determining the success of your business.

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Employee Self-Assessment

  • Allow employees to assess their own performance within their role
  • A valuable part of the Appraisal process within any business
  • Define competencies libraries and statements
  • Configure Appraisals questionnaire’s for various levels and employee types company wide
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Annual, Interim & 360 Reviews

  • Gather feedback from several, diverse sources. Including peers, direct reports, senior colleagues and even your customer base
  • Gives management a wide-ranging, balanced, perspective of employee performance
  • Pre-formatted online appraisal meeting capturing only relevant information
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Key Objectives

  • Add, track and complete key Objectives
  • Email notification for past and approaching deadlines
  • Reduces time on manually tracking Objective progress
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Department Completion

  • Keep track of department progression through the Appraisals stage by running reports
  • Extract and analyse specific questions and answers
  • Filter through department objectives with an easy-to-use reporting feature
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You can create new Appraisals at any time within the Activ Appraisal module with the simple click of a button. Activ Appraisals has two options; to create a single Appraisal, or create Multiple Appraisals based on some minor filters.

Yes, you can roll back the Appraisal as an Administrator to any stage in the Appraisal process.

Activ Appraisals is highly configurable and allows you to create as many different questions for your employees as you’d like. You can also determine which employee type, department or level receives these questions.

Yes, Activ Appraisals stores older Appraisals under a separate Archive tab, and can be viewed at any time.

Yes, you can update the Appraiser within the Employee Profile at any time. Any changes made will reflect the following day.

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