Proactive Absence Monitoring with Trigger Points

Activ People HR software takes absence monitoring to the next level with its innovative Trigger Points feature. Maintaining a pulse on employee absences is more than just data tracking; it’s about building a workplace that values understanding, support, and a commitment to organizational policies.

Key Trigger Point Features

Absence Days and Episodes

Keep track of the number of absence days and episodes within a set period, ensuring you stay informed about patterns.

Post-Leave Absence

Monitor absences following annual leave or public holidays to address potential post-vacation challenges.

Probation and Notice Periods

Identify absences during employees’ probation or notice periods, aiding in performance evaluations and transition planning.

Type-Specific Absences

Track absences of a particular type, enabling a nuanced understanding of employee needs and challenges.

Special Dates Absences

Stay aware of absences on specific dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or significant events.

Recurring Weekly Absences

Monitor absences on repeated days of the week to identify patterns and potential concerns.

Why Absence Monitoring Matters

Creating an absence monitoring culture is not just about identifying trends and recurrences; it shows your commitment to employee well-being. We understand this and provide a suite of configurable trigger points designed to keep you in the loop about various behaviours of concern.

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Customisable Notifications and Compliance

Activ People HR empowers you to define the rules and thresholds for each trigger point ensuring they align with your organisation polices. Each trigger can be defined multiple times with each one triggering at a different threshold to provide warnings, reviews and escalation. At each trigger point you can set who needs to be informed and what information to include in notifications, this might even contain links to the company’s policy documents published in Activ People HR.

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Take Control with Activ People HR

Leverage the power of Trigger Points to stay ahead of employee issues, maintain contact with employees, and demonstrate your commitment to their well-being while ensuring compliance and consistency throughout your organisation.

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Book a demo today

Schedule a demo today to immerse, simplify leave management processes, and propel your organisation towards unparalleled success with our cutting-edge HR software.

Book a demo today

Schedule a demo today to immerse, simplify leave management processes, and propel your organisation towards unparalleled success with our cutting-edge HR software.

CTA Form (Trigger Points)

Trigger Points Page Form

Trigger Points FAQs

In Activ People HR, trigger points are configured conditions or situations that, when they happen, set off automatic alerts in the system. They're basically there to make HR tasks smoother by alerting on the exceptions ensuring focus is giving where needed.

Trigger points offer significant advantages by automating routine tasks, reducing manual workload, and ensuring timely actions in response to specific events. This efficiency leads to improved accuracy, compliance, and overall effectiveness in managing various HR functions.

Common trigger points include absence trends, onboarding milestones, annual leave conflicts, performance review dates, certification expirations, and employee anniversary dates. These events can trigger actions such as sending notifications, generating reports, or initiating specific HR processes.

Trigger points play a crucial role in enhancing employee engagement by automating timely communications and acknowledgments. For instance, trigger points can be set to send automated welcome emails during the onboarding process, reminders of employment anniversaries or simply to send an employee a birthday message.

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