HR Departments

Employee Benefits:

Safely and securely store and view your personal and work documents. You will even get reminder when a document is due to expire. With documents you can view and store:

  • Any letters sent to you
  • Employee references and background checks
  • Employee contracts
  • Benefits agreements

Managers Benefits:

Activ Documents allows you to easily report on documents held for each of your employees. You can set reminders for documents due to expire, save both word or PDF documents and even keep record of meetings held with the employee.

  • Store grievance and disciplinary records
  • Store meeting notes
  • Set automated reminders for document expiry
  • Report on documents held for your team

HR Department Benefits:

Activ Documents can be added to Activ Absence or Activ Appraisals to give your administrators access to an employee documents library that stores confidential employee documents and records securely off-site. With this add on you can:.

  • Payslips
  • Employee correspondence
  • Background checks & references
  • Disciplinary and grievance letters
  • Store employee contracts and benefit agreements
  • Record employee references and background checks
  • Keep records of CVs and job applications as well as interview notes
  • Store Passport, Visa, and Driving Licence (Whilst tracking expiration dates)

Organisation Benefits:

There is no restriction on the type of documents you store so that you can upload word or PDF documents, excel file, photographs and even recordings of meetings held with the employee. Activ Documents also has a ‘reporting’ function. This allows HR to see at a glance what is held and what is outstanding for each employee.

  • All UK-based servers
  • Issue letters to employees digitally via the system
  • Keep track of confidential records statuses via our reporting pages
  • Store and manage all employee documents from one secure online location
  • UK-based dedicated Technical Support Desk contactable via phone, email, or live chat


Benefit from the wide range of features we offer within the Activ Documents system. We’ve streamlined all features to ensure that your daily tasks are completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Save time by removing filling from your list of daily tasks. With Activ Documents, all personal and company documents can be scanned and stored electronically.

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Worldwide Capability

  • Activ Documents is available in multiple different languages
  • Manage Documents across the globe from one central place
  • Access Activ Documents on any device, anytime, and anywhere
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System Integrations

  • Integrate Absence, Training, Documents, and Appraisals seamlessly
  • Benefit from our Technical Support Desk via the integrated live chat feature
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Activ Documents

  • Supports the drive for a paper-free office environment.
  • Supports hybrid working allowing secure access from anywhere and anytime.
  • Helps prevent GDPR breaches by stopping email distribution of confidential employee documentation.
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  • Create automations to send set reminders
  • Have Documents sent out on specific dates automatically
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  • Take comfort knowing we’re ISO 270001 certified
  • We store all your Documents securely via the cloud
  • Configure who you want to be able to access company documents
  • Each document is encapsulated in its own individually encrypted database record
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  • Core HR
  • Absence
  • Appraisals
  • Training
  • Handbook
  • Documents
  • Timesheets
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You can store almost any type of document within the system. For example, the list includes CVs and Job Applications, Interview Notes, Employee References and background checks, Driving Licence, Passport & Visa (and track expiration dates), Evidence of qualifications, store and track documentation required for specific job roles, Security clearance documentation, Meeting Notes, grievance and disciplinary records, etc.

There is no restriction on the type of documents you store so that you can upload Word or PDF documents, excel files, photographs and even recordings of meetings held with the employee.

Yes, you can use the Documents Module to record the details of the incident and all the communications with the employee together with the outcome of any disciplinary actions. In this scenario, you could also use the expiry date feature to prompt a review of the improvements in the employee’s performance.

Activ Documents also has a ‘reporting’ function. For example, these reports allow HR to see at a glance what is held and what is outstanding for each employee.

The Documents Module is only visible to your HR team and gives the benefit of having a completely paper-free office. If required, we can provide other access to this role if requested.

Other modules

All modules
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Manage your workforce in an efficient, fast, and smart way can significantly improve productivity. By utilising our leading absence software, you can gain better operational control and support of the day-to-day management of your workforce.

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Activ People HR

Utilise the full benefit of the Activ suite with Absence, Appraisals, Documents, Handbook, Timesheets, and Training. It’s no secret that a great system can be the foundation for success. Transform the way you HR department works and find out why so many companies are choosing Activ People HR as their go to solution.

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Activ Appraisals is an easy, flexible, and effective way of managing your staff performance reviews. Managers and employees can work together to set realistic, actionable goals for teams and individual employees.

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Activ Handbook provides a consistent process for management of corporate policies, exceptions, and regulations. The solution offers a central platform for creating policies, standards, and control procedures.

Timesheets image


Activ Timesheets you can easily and effectively track and record time daily, weekly, and monthly. Activ Timesheets is easy time tracking for everyone, everywhere, connect online from all browsers or mobile devices.

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Keep compliance at the heart of everything you do with Training. Ensuring your members have the relevant training and certifications for their role on record. Employee training records are kept up to date with our automated reminders.

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