Absence Management Software: An Essential for Your Business Success

Effectively manage employee absences with Activ People HR. Simplify the process and proactively address challenges, from sickness absence to absence policies, with our comprehensive absence management system.

Why is Absence Management Software Important?

A well-structured absence management system like Activ People HR, is paramount for fostering a thriving workplace environment. Beyond the mere tracking of employee absences, it plays a pivotal role in cultivating improved employee well-being and boosting overall productivity. By proactively managing absences, disruptions are minimised, and team dynamics are enhanced. Employees feel supported and valued.

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What is an effective Absence Management system?

Effective absence management starts with the right tools. Spreadsheets, notes, and paper systems may record staff sickness, but they won't help you identify and mange repeated absences and individual and company trends. Activ People HR gives you all the tools and absence management data you need to implement an effective and consistent absence management policy.

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Why Choose Activ People HR for Absence Management?

A formal absence policy ensures consistent handling of employee sickness absences. Activ People HR supports and reinforces your staff sickness policy and unplanned absences helping in establishing a formal framework if you do not yet have one. With trigger point alerts and absence management reports and analytics, Activ People HR automates the monitoring of employee sickness, enabling proactive management strategies.

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Discover the Power of managing sickness absence.

Explore our revolutionary solution for managing employee absences effectively. Identify trends, manage short-term absences, and leverage robust data to navigate absence at work seamlessly.

Discover the Power of managing sickness absence.

Explore our revolutionary solution for managing employee absences effectively. Identify trends, manage short-term absences, and leverage robust data to navigate absence at work seamlessly.

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Reinforce Your Staff Sickness Policies

Activ People HR can be configured to your absence management policy aligning specifically with your organisational needs. If you haven't established an absence management policy yet, we can assist you in implementing a formal framework. Activ People HR automatically monitors employee absenteeism trigger points to alert you when your absence policy thresholds are reached.

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Measuring and Analysing Absence Data

Tracking and analysing absence data with absence management software is an integral component of a proactive workforce management strategy. Beyond the surface-level understanding of attendance patterns, line managers can see valuable insights from the absence data. Identifying trends, predicting potential issues, and making informed decisions become possible when armed with comprehensive data.

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The Bradford Factor

This formulaic approach assigns a numerical value to each absence incident based on the frequency and duration of each instance. By doing so, the Bradford Factor highlights patterns of absence that may go unnoticed through traditional methods. Utilising this tool enhances an organisation's ability to identify potential issues, predict future absenteeism, and take proactive measures to address underlying causes

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Return-to-Work Interviews

Return-to-work interviews are a crucial component of a comprehensive absence management strategy. These one-on-one discussions between a manager and an employee returning from an absence serve multiple purposes.

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Managing Absences

Investing in robust absence management software is vital for companies seeking to optimise their operational efficiency. With the capability to monitor and address workplace absence effectively, these solutions enable the enforcement of structured absence management policies. By mitigating the risks associated with unauthorised absence and providing a systematic absence management process, such software ensures compliance with absence policies. Ultimately, it empowers organisations to proactively manage and navigate employee absence, fostering a healthier and more productive work environment.

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See our HR Software in action

Our Absence software removes the manual process of holiday planning and sickness absence and enables you to view, approve and decline absence requests from any time, place or device.

What customers are saying

Your responsiveness to queries/development requests that can help us and your other clients/tweaks – has been amazing and was one very real reason why we chose your product out of the top 3 (and indeed circa 10 products we looked at).

Activ is really user-friendly, with great customer support, and gives us clear information on reports at a glance!

We are very happy with the Activ system, it was easy to set up, straightforward to manage, and very user-friendly. It has really helped us understand who is in each day, as well as manage employee absences. The ongoing support is also very helpful, they always respond quickly and efficiently. I would thoroughly recommend Activ.

Activ has helped with our growing business to keep track of holidays within departments and with the function enabling other employees to not book any time off if below a number of employees, it has ensured we always have adequate cover in every department – I am not sure how we operated the management prior to this!

Activ Absence has been implemented to meet a diverse range of requirements across the University. We are very pleased with the flexibility of the product and the support.

We have found Activ People HR a very useful business tool, easy to use, clear and informative. All holidays are now processed through the system, freeing up valuable time and the old paper system we used to use.” The absence management works well for us, easy to see immediately an employee's absence to date 7 Bradford score. The report function is user-friendly and has multiple reports to do

Absence Management FAQs

Absence Management Software is a specialised tool designed to help businesses effectively track and manage employee absences, including leave, holidays, and sick days.

The software allows employees to submit leave requests through an intuitive interface. Managers receive notifications, review requests, and can approve or deny them. The system then automatically updates the employee's absence record, keeping everyone in the loop.

No, it is designed to be straightforward for all staff members. With just 30 seconds, employees can request time off, initiating an email notification to the relevant manager. In a few clicks, the manager can easily review, approve, or decline the request, with the ability to add comments to the response.

Our leave of absence software operates entirely through the web, eliminating the need for any downloads. With a web browser, you can seamlessly request holidays and monitor absences. It allows you to track absences conveniently from any location or device.

Choosing our absence management software gives you access to our integrated Technical Support Desk. Contact us via phone, email, or live chat, and our team is ready to assist with any queries. Moreover, we offer staff training to ensure proficiency among all members of your business in using the online software.

The system is versatile and capable of managing all forms of leave, whether planned or unplanned. The software provides the flexibility to configure as many staff absence types as necessary to suit your organisational needs.

The system seamlessly integrates with third-party software. For instance, you can establish a connection between our system and any standard calendar software that supports calendar subscriptions, such as Microsoft, Google, iOS, and Android. By doing so, employees can conveniently schedule their work around their planned leave.

The cost of our software is dependant on which package you would like. For a detailed and accurate pricing breakdown of our absence management system, we encourage you to contact our team directly.

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