01 Feb 2024

Unlocking ‘Time to Talk’ in Your Business

In the current workplace landscape, engaging in open conversations between employers and employees is not merely a positive gesture – it’s crucial. When individuals refrain from expressing their thoughts and concerns, it can result in significant challenges, such as an increase in employee absenteeism. So, let’s explore the impact of employees not speaking up on absences, and delve into how Activ People HR can enhance communication, especially in the context of Time to Talk Day on the 2nd of February.

Based on the 2023 report sponsored by Grammarly on The State of Business Communication, ineffective communication has the potential to elevate stress levels and contribute to employee turnover, commonly known as burnout. This survey found that 30% have said that miscommunication has lowered their professional confidence, and 22% of them have considered looking for a new job due to poor communication. From the perspective of employers, it’s crucial to recognise that employees experiencing stress tend to be less productive. Activ People HR streamlines leave requests, offering a transparent process that reduces the reluctance employees may feel when seeking time off. This contributes to a more open and communicative work environment.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy an estimated £1 trillion each year in lost productivity. When employees hesitate to discuss their mental health challenges, these issues can fester, ultimately leading to increased absenteeism. Activ People HR provides robust communication tools, ensuring that employees can easily reach out to their employers regarding time-off requests or any other concerns. This reduces the communication barrier that often leads to absenteeism.

Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report indicates that only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their work. Poor communication contributes significantly to this lack of engagement, making employees more prone to absenteeism as they disengage from their roles. By utilising Activ People HR’s software, businesses can make use of the analytics and reporting features that enable businesses to identify trends in absenteeism and understand the root causes. This data-driven approach allows employers to proactively address communication challenges.

A strategic approach…

Transparent Policies: Clearly communicate leave policies through Activ People HR’s software, ensuring employees are aware of their entitlements and the process for requesting time off.

Real-Time Notifications: Utilise Activ People HR’s notification features to keep employees informed about the status of their leave requests, fostering a sense of transparency and accountability.

Transparency with Policies: Activ People HR’s software allows businesses to upload company policies, giving employees the capability to conveniently access vital company policies via the software, ensuring utmost transparency.

Addressing the challenge of employee silence on absenteeism is vital for businesses, especially as we approach Time to Talk Day. Utilising statistical insights, implementing proactive communication strategies, and adopting HR software solutions like Activ People HR can reshape workplace dynamics. Establishing an environment where employees are empowered to openly communicate, including discussing the need for time off, not only enhances mental health but also fosters a more engaged and productive workforce. As we navigate the modern workplace, integrating communication tools becomes not only essential but a strategic advantage in fostering a healthier and more vibrant workplace.