15 Jan 2024

Tackling Blue Monday: Tips for a Happier Week Ahead

As the third Monday of January approaches, many employees may find themselves facing the infamous “Blue Monday” – a day that is claimed to be the most depressing of the year. Balancing post-holiday blues, dark winter days, and the demands of work can be challenging. However, instead of succumbing to the negative feelings associated with this day, let’s explore practical strategies to combat Blue Monday in the workplace, and how Activ People HR can aid HR in fostering a positive work environment, especially when managing employee absence throughout the beginning of the New Year.  


Cultivate a Positive Work Environment: 

Begin by creating a positive atmosphere in your workspace. Personalise your desk with items that bring you joy, incorporate plants or artwork, and ensure that your lighting is set to a productive and uplifting atmosphere. Employers can benefit from incorporating employee recognition programs and wellness campaigns, especially at the start of the New Year, which both contribute to a positive environment. 

Manage Employee Absence Effectively: 

Activ People HR’s absence management features provides HR professionals with a powerful tool to monitor and handle employee leave efficiently. The software allows for seamless tracking of absences, streamlining the process for both HR and employees. This feature becomes particularly crucial during the challenging winter months when managing employee schedules becomes more important. 

Prioritise Tasks and Set Realistic Goals: 

Blue Monday may feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot on your plate. Employers should efficiently manage tasks, prioritise them, and set realistic goals. This will ensure workloads are manageable for employees, preventing feelings of being swamped and enhancing overall productivity. 

Take Breaks and Move Around: 

Where possible, employers should encourage movement. Allowing employees to take short breaks to stretch their legs, grab a snack, or engage in quick exercises and actively encouraging short breaks will be beneficial for employees to maintain physical and mental well-being. 

Foster Positive Relationships: 

Employers can utilise Activ People HR’s integrated communication features to build positive relationships among colleagues such as managing appraisals. HR professionals can leverage the software to create a supportive network at work, fostering a positive and enjoyable work environment, that enforces all employees working to the same company goals.  

Celebrate Achievements, Big and Small: 

Employers should endeavour to acknowledge and celebrate achievements to foster a positive work culture. Recognising both personal and team accomplishments can boost morale and create a more optimistic atmosphere. 


Adrian Lewis, Activ People HR’s Commerical Director says: 

“As the New Year has arrived, so has Blue Monday which can be an especially difficult time for employees. Adjusting to the cold weather, post-holiday blues and the start of a New Year, which can bring more pressure than usual, can put employees into a work ‘slump’. This is why it is important for employers to utilise HR software that is flexible and works for the business, enabling employers to effectively track employee absence at this time of year. Employers should also incorporate various well-being initiatives and communicate with employees to ensure all are thriving as they should be.” 



By implementing these strategies in the workplace and leveraging Activ People HR’s features, employers and employees can effectively combat the Blue Monday blues. Embracing positivity, supporting colleagues, and utilising innovative HR software contribute to creating a resilient and optimistic work environment. As organisations prioritise employee well-being and engagement, the combination of practical strategies and advanced HR solutions, including effective employee absence management, becomes a powerful tool for navigating Blue Monday and promoting a positive workplace culture. 

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