Keep track of staff absences with Activ Absence Management

No matter the size of your team, keeping track of annual leave, sick days, and time off in lieu can become a challenge. With our specialised HR software, you can effortlessly manage and monitor these aspects, ensuring a smooth workflow and accurate records.

See Activ Absence Management in action

Activ Absence Management software removes the manual process of holiday planning and sickness absence and enables you to view, approve and decline absence requests from any time, place or device.

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A more productive way to plan holidays and keep track of sickness

  • Manage employees’ holiday and leave across the entire organisation.
  • Keep track of sickness and unplanned leave.
  • Manage time off in lieu.
  • Have complete visibility of your organisation’s performance in one place.
  • Access Absence Management software from anywhere, any time and from any device.
  • Integrate with your current systems.

A simpler way for employees to request leave

Employees can request leave and record time off in lieu in up to 30 seconds and cancel and amend leave with a click of a button. Employees, managers and HR teams can also keep track of remaining holiday leave across the organisation.

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Who is Activ staff absence management system for?

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • HR departments
  • Organisations

See how Activ Absence Management can increase your teams’ productivity

Try out our software today to see how it improves your processes for holiday planning, sickness tracking and managing your organisation’s performance. Complete the contact form to book a demo with our team.

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