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12 Oct 2022

How to combat the Great Resignation

How to combat the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation was a term that came out of the pandemic as people embraced working from home and a better work life balance and looked for an employer that could offer them greater flexibility.

PwC’s annual ‘Global Workforce Hopes and Fears survey 2022’ highlights this trend is far from over and that one in five employees are extremely or very likely to switch employers[i].

Retaining these employees will require more than just pay. According to the report, fulfilling work and the opportunity to be one’s authentic self at work are key factors for employees considering a job change.

With changes to the workplace since the pandemic and the rise in hybrid working it can be a challenge for employers to manage their staff and ensure they are reaching their full potential.

As people are not all in the office at the same time managing things like wellbeing and performance management, which are vital to ensure for happy and motivated employees, can be much more difficult.

Checking in on people, ensuring they are taking annual leave, understanding the root causes of any sick leave and making sure reviews and appraisals are done on a regular basis are essential.

One way for employers to do this is by investing in HR technology that can help manage hybrid and flexible working and ensure the business operates efficiently at all times.

Software such as absence management software can be used to track absence and give managers a real-time overview of where people are each day. This not only enables them to plan cover if needed, it helps them spot trends such as people being off sick a lot.

This enables managers to spot patterns in behaviour too which could be red flags that someone is struggling. It also prompts return to work interviews which can be done face to face or remotely. With wellbeing a priority for businesses having the ability to nip things in the bud before they escalate or direct people to support if needed is part and parcel of being a caring employer.

This software can also ensure people are taking their annual leave.  By having oversight across the entire workforce, employers can see who may not be taking much leave. Taking holidays is essential to wellbeing and actively encouraging people to do so is conducive to a healthier workforce.

Finally, appraisal software can help businesses manage the process of effectively, nurturing talent and engaging employees. Appraisals and reviews can often get forgotten if people are in and out of the office, so dedicated software that schedules these in is vital.

As the UK faces a war for talent and employees are increasingly considering benefits beyond just their pay packet employers need to work hard to retain employees. Investing in HR technology can be a cost-effective way to do this when compared to recruitment costs if people resign.