01 May 2020

How absence software can support businesses return to ‘normal’ when the lockdown eases


The Government is due to announce how businesses could come out of lockdown which will have implications for how staff can return to work. Continued remote working, staggered work times, and alternate days in the office and at home are all possible options.

Many companies will be concerned how this can be managed effectively and how they can keep track of staff, says Adrian Lewis, Director of absence management software provider, Activ Absence.

Adrian Lewis says, “Businesses will want to return to normal as soon as possible, but how they manage staff coming into the workplace will be a major concern. It is likely more staff will continue to work remotely for some time, with a slow return, perhaps with staggered start times or people working different days.

“For this to be a success, bosses will need an accurate, real-time overview of where all their staff are and they will may need new process and systems to keep track of them and to ensure it can be business as usual.  This is where investing in technology, such as absence management software, can be a real help.

“Throughout this crisis we’ve been doing all we can to support companies. Our absence management software provides a straightforward way of tracking employee whereabouts, recording if they are working from home, off sick, on furlough or holiday. As it is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere and managed by HR teams working remotely.

“Keeping track of furloughed staff has been a new challenge for employers and our software is set up to record staff who have been furloughed, with date ranges restricted to the minimum three week periods, providing clear visibility of when employees are returning”.

“The software also records when employees are sick due to Covid-19 or self-isolating and unable to work. This is essential for reclaiming statutory sick pay. As restrictions begin to lift, employers can use the software to send any important company updates, as well as any new guidelines or policies that employees need to read and acknowledge.

“This will be a particularly important part of the safe return to work process, ensuring staff are aware of all changes in working policies and practices that must be adhered to on their return. As we come out of lockdown, cloud-based absence management software can play an integral part in helping companies adapt to the new normal ways of working,” he concludes.

For more information on absence management software visit www.activabsence.co.uk