11 Oct 2022

Five time consuming HR tasks you can easily eliminate


Five time consuming HR tasks you can easily eliminate

The pandemic years have seen significant changes in the world of work, from the rise in hybrid and remote working to the growing concerns around mental health.

Managing employees working in different locations has added to the HR team’s workload as there aren’t the same opportunities to do things face to face.

However there are lots of tasks that are admin heavy and as a result take up a lot of the HR team’s time that can be eliminated by automating them. Below Activ People HR have devised five key areas where going digital can help prevent HR teams getting overwhelmed in paper work:

Managing sick leave

Using Activ Absence, absence management technology  to track sick leave gives businesses a clear and transparent record of absence data, as well as insights into trends, which can help managers pinpoint employees who might be suffering from poor mental health or other health issues so they can support them. It can provide real-time visibility over employee behaviour when it comes to absenteeism and enable employers to put measures in place if they see a rise.

Holiday leave

Taking annual leave is important to employee health and wellbeing, but companies who rely on emails, spreadsheets, and even verbal conversations to manage holiday requests, may struggle to keep accurate records. This could inadvertently result in too many people being off at once and workplaces short staffed. Absence management technology tracks all sorts of absence including holiday leave and can ease the workload on HR teams and make requesting and approving holiday leave seamless.

Storing employee documentation

A digital document library like Activ Documents ensures all important employee documentation is in one place and easily accessed by anyone in the business that needs it. This could be anything from CVs and payslips, to essential training and qualifications, work contracts and benefits package to driving licence and passport details. This can save HR time as everything is stored in one place should they need it, plus they don’t need to be emailing out documents on request.

Keeping accurate timesheets

With staff working in different locations keeping track of hours worked can be challenging. Using digital timesheets such as Activ Timesheets, can make it easy for employees to input their hours, no matter where they are working and for managers to have instant access to real-time data.

For HR departments it enables them to record time against specific cost centres and keep accurate records of hours worked, travel time, accruals and adjustments, and automatically add planned leave to the timesheet. This can ensure employees are paid accurately and that the business can monitor how much time projects are taking which helps with future planning.

Conducting appraisals and reviews

Good performance management is key to retention and having regular appraisals and performance reviews is critical. While the pandemic changed how people are working, employees still need to feel valued and recognised. Appraisal software,

can help HR manage the process effectively, nurturing talent and engaging employees.  It also ensures these happen no matter where people are working as reminders are set and appraisal forms can be filled in no matter where people are based.

Going digital with some of these everyday HR tasks can free teams up to spend time on other important activities such as recruitment, strategy and policy.