03 Oct 2023

Addressing the Rising Supply Teacher Costs in Schools

Recent figures revealing a staggering 50% increase in spending on supply teachers within the UK education sector have prompted concern among educators and policymakers alike. According to data uncovered by Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson, the bill for supply teacher cover has surged from £839 million in 2020/2021 to an alarming £1.27 billion in 2021/2022.

This significant spike in supply teacher expenditure underscores the urgent need for a sustainable solution to teacher recruitment and retention challenges. Activ People HR, a leading provider of HR software solutions, recognises the gravity of the situation and offers a tailored remedy with its custom “Activ People HR for Schools” software.

Supply teachers play a vital role in maintaining classroom continuity when regular teachers are absent due to sickness or other reasons. However, the escalating costs associated with supply teaching indicate deeper issues within the teaching profession, including recruitment difficulties and teacher attrition.

Bridget Phillipson, Shadow Education Secretary, commented on the situation, stating, “Our children will reap the whirlwind of lower school standards and worse life chances in years to come unless the Conservatives get to grips with the dangerous exodus of teachers that they have created.”


Activ People HR for Schools: A Solution to Combat Sickness Absence and Reduce Supply Teaching Costs

“Activ People HR for Schools” is a cusomised software solution designed to help educational institutions streamline their HR processes, particularly when managing teacher absences and sickness data. This software provides essential features that empower schools to efficiently combat teacher sickness absence and reduce the need for costly supply of teachers.

Key features of “Activ People HR for Schools” include:

  • Sickness Absence Tracking: The software allows schools to track and analyse sickness data effectively. By identifying trends and patterns, schools can develop strategies to address the root causes of teacher absence.
  • Return to Work Management: “Activ People HR for Schools” includes tools for managing the return of teachers after illness or extended leave. This feature ensures a smoother transition back to the classroom.
  • Cost Reduction: By efficiently managing sickness absence and return-to-work processes, schools can significantly reduce the costs associated with hiring supply teachers.
  • Data Analytics: The software provides valuable insights through data analytics, enabling schools to make informed decisions and implement proactive measures to minimize teacher absence.

Activ People HR believes that empowering schools with the right HR software can help mitigate the challenges facing the education sector today. By efficiently managing teacher absences and reducing the reliance on costly supply staff, schools can allocate resources more effectively, ultimately benefiting students and educators.

For more information about “Activ People HR for Schools” and how it can help your institution address teacher absence challenges, please visit https://www.activpeoplehr.co.uk/schools/