Boost Productivity with Time Tracking

Empower employees to take control of monitoring their workload with our advanced time tracking software. Seamlessly log billable hours, providing insightful reports to management for enhanced transparency and productivity.

Efficiently Manage Employee Workload

Employees can track the total hours spent on various tasks, allowing them control over their workload management. With the flexibility to access and submit timesheets at their convenience, and automatic updates for planned leave with timely reminders, our system ensures a consistent and stress-free time-tracking process.

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Managerial Oversight and Enhance Productivity

Managers gain valuable insights into departmental productivity using our time tracking tool. With email notifications for each timesheet submission, the system facilitates an easier review and approval process. This oversight provides a deeper understanding of project progress and resource utilisation for informed decision-making.

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Unlock the Potential of Time Tracking for Your Business

Experience the transformative power of our HR Software and schedule a Free Demo today.

Unlock the Potential of Time Tracking for Your Business

Experience the transformative power of our HR Software and schedule a Free Demo today.

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Customisable Configuration

Customise the approval process by configuring periods—whether weekly, monthly, or on specific dates. Adapt the approval workflow according to your unique needs. Once a time entry is submitted, it's securely locked, preventing further edits and ensuring accuracy. The system seamlessly adapts to your organisational structure, allowing entries to flow to managers for approval. Managers can conveniently review, accept, or provide feedback, ensuring a tailored and efficient process.

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Analytics and Reporting

Empower managers with access to precise records of worked hours and the ability to generate in-depth real-time tracking reports on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Evaluate the correlation between time and cost through your timesheet records, ensuring meticulous calculations throughout the organisation. This feature provides valuable insights for effective decision-making and resource optimisation.

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What customers are saying

Your responsiveness to queries/development requests that can help us and your other clients/tweaks – has been amazing and was one very real reason why we chose your product out of the top 3 (and indeed circa 10 products we looked at).

Activ is really user-friendly, with great customer support, and gives us clear information on reports at a glance!

We are very happy with the Activ system, it was easy to set up, straightforward to manage, and very user-friendly. It has really helped us understand who is in each day, as well as manage employee absences. The ongoing support is also very helpful, they always respond quickly and efficiently. I would thoroughly recommend Activ.

Activ has helped with our growing business to keep track of holidays within departments and with the function enabling other employees to not book any time off if below a number of employees, it has ensured we always have adequate cover in every department – I am not sure how we operated the management prior to this!

Activ Absence has been implemented to meet a diverse range of requirements across the University. We are very pleased with the flexibility of the product and the support.

We have found Activ People HR a very useful business tool, easy to use, clear and informative. All holidays are now processed through the system, freeing up valuable time and the old paper system we used to use.” The absence management works well for us, easy to see immediately an employee's absence to date 7 Bradford score. The report function is user-friendly and has multiple reports to do

Time Tracking FAQs

Time tracking software helps employees manage their workload efficiently, ensuring accurate tracking of hours worked. Employers benefit from improved productivity insights, streamlined payroll processes, and enhanced project management.

Yes, modern time tracking software is designed to be user-friendly, accommodating employees with diverse technical skills. Intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use features make it accessible to everyone in the workplace.

Time tracking software employs secure authentication measures to ensure data accuracy. Access controls and audit trails help prevent misuse by restricting unauthorized access, providing transparency, and maintaining the integrity of tracking data.

Time tracking software is well-suited for remote work. It allows employees to log hours from anywhere, providing employers with real-time visibility into remote team activities. This helps maintain accountability and ensures accurate payroll processing.

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