Automated Management of Policies & Procedures

Our dedicated policy management platform can help meet your regulatory and compliance requirements. You can publish new and updated policies to staff, send automated reminders and notifications, and track which employees have signed to say they have opened and read the document.

Policies and Procedures Management

Our software simplifies policy and procedure management that can help support your business’ compliance efforts. It makes it easy to deliver documents to the right employees at the right time. Streamline your onboarding by enabling easy tracking, resending prompts, and generating detailed reports. Updates can be effortlessly distributed companywide ensuring your employees always have access to the most current policy documents.

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Policy, Procedure, and Handbook Navigation

Our platform caters to health and safety procedures, company policies, workplace policies, and your employee handbook, tailored to your needs. With robust policy management software, including data protection, we ensure smooth day-to-day operations for your business.

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Learn more about our HR Software

Book a free demo today to experience cutting-edge features, streamline processes, and drive unparalleled success with our expert HR software.

Learn more about our HR Software

Book a free demo today to experience cutting-edge features, streamline processes, and drive unparalleled success with our expert HR software.

CTA Form (Policies&Procedures)

Self Service Page

Simplified Policy Management

  • Effortless Digital Policy Access
  • Automatic Policy Delivery
  • One-Click Policy Acknowledgment
  • Accessible Policies Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device
  • Instant Insights: Simplified Reporting

Tailored Policies and Procedures, and Document Security

Customise your Policies and Procedures by uploading company templates, including forms and values, to align seamlessly with company values and culture. Ensure document security with enabling restricted access for confidential materials like Disaster Recovery Plans, reserved for management access only.

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What customers are saying

Your responsiveness to queries/development requests that can help us and your other clients/tweaks – has been amazing and was one very real reason why we chose your product out of the top 3 (and indeed circa 10 products we looked at).

Activ is really user-friendly, with great customer support, and gives us clear information on reports at a glance!

We are very happy with the Activ system, it was easy to set up, straightforward to manage, and very user-friendly. It has really helped us understand who is in each day, as well as manage employee absences. The ongoing support is also very helpful, they always respond quickly and efficiently. I would thoroughly recommend Activ.

Activ has helped with our growing business to keep track of holidays within departments and with the function enabling other employees to not book any time off if below a number of employees, it has ensured we always have adequate cover in every department – I am not sure how we operated the management prior to this!

Activ Absence has been implemented to meet a diverse range of requirements across the University. We are very pleased with the flexibility of the product and the support.

We have found Activ People HR a very useful business tool, easy to use, clear and informative. All holidays are now processed through the system, freeing up valuable time and the old paper system we used to use.” The absence management works well for us, easy to see immediately an employee's absence to date 7 Bradford score. The report function is user-friendly and has multiple reports to do

Policies and Procedures FAQs

Policy and procedures storage software is a digital solution designed to store, manage, and streamline organisational policies and procedures. It benefits your organisation by providing a centralised, easily accessible repository for all important documents, ensuring efficient management, easy updates, and compliance with industry standards.

Absolutely. Our policy and procedures storage software is designed with flexibility in mind. You can easily customise the software by uploading your organisation's templates, forms, and any standardised documents. This ensures that the software adapts seamlessly to your organisational structure and culture, providing a tailored solution for your specific needs.

Our software simplifies version control by maintaining a history of document revisions. You can easily track changes, revert to previous versions, and ensure that employees always have access to the latest updates.

Yes, training is provided to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Our software features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for employees at all levels to navigate and utilise the system effectively.

Our software includes a built-in acknowledgment feature that enhances transparency and compliance. After accessing a new or updated policy, employees are prompted to acknowledge their understanding. This acknowledgment is recorded in the system, allowing managers to track who has read and confirmed understanding of specific policies.

Absolutely. The software automatically sends out email reminders to employees for policies that require acknowledgment. This feature ensures that everyone stays informed and compliant with the latest organisational guidelines. The reminders serve as proactive notifications, prompting employees to review and confirm their understanding of essential policies within the specified timeframe.

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