Leave and Absence Recording Made Easy

Simplify time off management with our easy-to-use platform. Track seamlessly, communicate clearly, and plan effectively, creating collaboration within your company.

Streamlined Absence Tracking

We simplify absence management and recording to support and enhance your absence policy with configurable self-certification forms and return-to-work questionnaires. With Bradford Factor monitoring, and trigger points your organisation can quickly identify trends and any recurring issues. Comprehensive analytics and reports, enable your businesses to have an oversight of all employee absences, and leave management, enabling effective decision-making and strategic planning.

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Effective Management Starts with the Right Tools

Eliminate the reliance on spreadsheets and paper systems for absence management. Our leave and absence software transcends mere data recording; it actively supports and reinforces your staff sickness policy, offering customisable options tailored to your organisational requirements.

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Employee Self-Service Enablement

Enable and encourage employees to take responsibility for their leave entitlement through our user-friendly leave and absence HR Software self-service platform. Requesting and approving time-off becomes a quick and easy task, with access to all the information reducing manual processes, minimising errors, and saving valuable time.

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Unlock the Potential of Effectively Managing Unpaid and Paid Leave

Let us show you a transformative HR journey with our cutting-edge solution for efficient employee absence management. Uncover trends, oversee short-term absences, and harness comprehensive data to navigate workplace absence seamlessly.

Unlock the Potential of Effectively Managing Unpaid and Paid Leave

Let us show you a transformative HR journey with our cutting-edge solution for efficient employee absence management. Uncover trends, oversee short-term absences, and harness comprehensive data to navigate workplace absence seamlessly.

CTA Form (Leave & Absence)

Leave & Absence Page Form

Eliminate Manual Errors and Enhance Visibility

Any current use of paper forms and spreadsheets for leave and absence management can be prone to errors and is time-consuming. Our leave and absence software addresses these challenges by automating leave requests and approval processes. With features like group calendars and real-time visibility into employees' leave entitlements, the platform facilitates efficient resource planning, ensuring seamless operations even during team members' absences.

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Stay Compliant and Employee-Focused

Our software is designed for employers seeking to streamline the absence process while adhering to relevant legislation. Whether it involves managing medical leave, addressing staff absence under specific circumstances, accommodating Jury Duty, or managing Public Holidays, our comprehensive solution offers a seamless approach. The software facilitates efficient tracking and approval of various leave types, including paternity leave, voluntary leave, and maternity leave.

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Save Time with Quick Approvals and Detailed Data

Our leave and absence HR software can slash your companies' time spent on processing leave requests by up to 80%. The platform automates approval processes, calculates remaining leave automatically, and offers detailed data at your fingertips. Reports assist in monitoring employee well-being, enabling early detection of issues and prompt responses.

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Harness the Power of Cloud for Global Connectivity

Experience universal accessibility with our cloud-based leave and absence management software, allowing connection from any device, anywhere in the world. Whether via desktop or our mobile app, employees can effortlessly schedule holidays, check entitlements, and manage absences independently, reducing reliance on HR assistance. Advanced reporting features offer HR a comprehensive overview of employee leave, fostering data-driven decision-making.

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See the Performance of our HR Software Live

We will demonstrate how our Absence management software can help you to eliminate manual processes for holiday planning and sickness absence.

What customers are saying

Your responsiveness to queries/development requests that can help us and your other clients/tweaks – has been amazing and was one very real reason why we chose your product out of the top 3 (and indeed circa 10 products we looked at).

Activ is really user-friendly, with great customer support, and gives us clear information on reports at a glance!

We are very happy with the Activ system, it was easy to set up, straightforward to manage, and very user-friendly. It has really helped us understand who is in each day, as well as manage employee absences. The ongoing support is also very helpful, they always respond quickly and efficiently. I would thoroughly recommend Activ.

Activ has helped with our growing business to keep track of holidays within departments and with the function enabling other employees to not book any time off if below a number of employees, it has ensured we always have adequate cover in every department – I am not sure how we operated the management prior to this!

Activ Absence has been implemented to meet a diverse range of requirements across the University. We are very pleased with the flexibility of the product and the support.

We have found Activ People HR a very useful business tool, easy to use, clear and informative. All holidays are now processed through the system, freeing up valuable time and the old paper system we used to use.” The absence management works well for us, easy to see immediately an employee's absence to date 7 Bradford score. The report function is user-friendly and has multiple reports to do

Leave and Absence Management FAQs

Our software streamlines the process by eliminating the need for spreadsheets and paper systems. It supports your sick leave policy with configurable options, ensuring a seamless approach to time-off management.

We simplify absence leave recording with user-friendly self-certification forms, return-to-work questionnaires, and the inclusion of Bradford Factor monitoring. Trigger points allow swift identification of trends, and comprehensive analytics provide a holistic view for effective decision-making and strategic planning.

Our leave and absence HR software encourages employees to take control of their entitlement through a user-friendly self-service platform. Booking time off or recording sick leave becomes a quick, one-minute task, creating a better workplace culture. Employees can check their unpaid leave and paid leave at the click of a button.

Accessible from any device, anywhere in the world, our cloud-based software allows employees to easily manage leave without HR assistance. Enhanced reporting features provide HR with a clearer picture of employee leave, facilitating data-driven decision-making for effective absence management.

Our leave and absence HR software significantly reduces the time spent on processing leave requests—up to 80%. It automates approval processes, calculates remaining leave, and offers detailed data for quick decision-making. The platform's reporting capabilities enable tracking employee well-being, allowing for early issue detection and prompt responses.

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