Trigger Points

Establish an absence monitoring culture to not only identify trends and recurrences but also help maintain contact with the employees. This gives the message that you are supportive of the employees’ well-being but are also maintaining formal notes of the absence on their records.

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Activ People HR provides a suite of configurable trigger points to monitor the data for any behaviors of concern. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Absence days in a set period 
  • Absence episodes in a set period 
  • Absence following annual leave or a public holiday 
  • Absence during the employees’ probation period 
  • Absence during the employees’ notice period 
  • Absence of a particular type 
  • Absence of specific dates e.g. birthday, anniversary, sporting events etc. 
  • Absence on repeated days of the week 
  • Absence when a leave request is declined 
  • Bradford Factor thresholds 
  • Fit to Work note required 
  • Work related absences 

The trigger points allow you to define who needs to be informed and want information to include in the notification. When combined with Activ Handbooks, you could reference and link to the appropriate policies and procedures so that your staff and their managers are away or the organisations’ policy rules and follow the steps you have defined, helping ensure consistence and compliance throughout the organisation. 


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