Absence Management

Record and manage any unplanned absence, including employee self-certification and return to work interviews

  • Absence Recording
  • Configurable Self Certification forms
  • Configurable Return to Work questionnaires
  • Bradford Factor monitoring
  • Trigger points identify trends and reoccurring issues #
  • Comprehensive reports

Effective Management

Effective staff absence management starts with the right tools. Spreadsheets, notes, and paper systems may record staff sickness, but they won’t help you manage sick days or give you the absence management data you need.

Having a formal absence management policy ensures consistent handling of staff sickness absence.

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Reinforce Staff Sickness

Activ Absence supports and reinforces your staff sickness policy and can be configured specifically to work the way you do.

If you do not have a staff sickness policy yet, Activ Absence helps you put a formal framework in place, and the trigger points and absence management reports will monitor staff sickness automatically.

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