29 Nov 2023

Navigating Sickness Absence Challenges in the Pharmacy Sector

Considering the escalating staff absence rates faced by the pharmacy sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the strain on hospital and community pharmacy teams has become increasingly evident. Reports from The Pharmaceutical Journal have highlighted the profound impact of this surge, indicating that some hospital pharmacy teams in England are experiencing absence rates of up to 30%. These alarming rates pose a risk of service withdrawal, compelling leaders to seek innovative solutions.

At Activ People HR, we recognise the critical need for robust employee management systems, especially in times of such staffing turmoil. Our HR Software provides tailored solutions designed to alleviate the complexities surrounding sickness absence management and employee retention within the pharmacy sector.

Addressing Sickness Absence Challenges
The recent Pharmaceutical Journal article “Hospital Pharmacy Staff Absences Soar as COVID-19 Cases Rise” underscored the strain on hospital pharmacy teams, compelling some services to contemplate withdrawal due to soaring absence rates. This reality emphasises the importance of effective absence management.

How Activ People HR Can Help
Our software offers comprehensive tools that empower pharmacy managers to streamline absence tracking, optimise scheduling, and efficiently manage resources amid staff shortages. By centralising absence data, our system facilitates easier monitoring of absence patterns and aids in implementing proactive measures to mitigate its impact on operations.

Retaining Pharmacy Talents
The workforce crisis in the pharmacy sector, as highlighted in “Special Report: The Community Pharmacy Workforce Crisis“, accentuates the need for strategies to retain skilled professionals. Activ People HR provides functionalities enabling efficient communication, targeted training programs, and flexible work arrangements, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.

Our Commitment to Supporting Pharmacies
At Activ People HR, we are committed to supporting pharmacies through these challenging times. Our software equips pharmacy managers with the tools to navigate employee absence, retain talent, and ensure continued operational efficiency.

One of our clients is Lindsay & Gilmour who are an independent community pharmacy group operating across 32 locations in Scotland. The family business, established in 1826, now employs around 300 members of staff.

“Activ People HR is now an integrated part of the company. The software is responsive to our changing needs. The Activ suite gives us the tools to be able to do that and at the same time, improve our business processes and save money and administration.”