Tour of Activ People HR for Managers

Activ People HR has upgraded its HR platform! We have refreshed the look and feel, without affecting its functionality. You can continue to rely on the same excellent features and capabilities that we have always provided. With this upgrade, we’re paving the way for exciting new features that will be rolling out in the near future.

Take a Manager User Tour!

Experience the power of our new and upgraded software first-hand by taking a tour through our interactive demo.

What is new with Activ People HR?

We have modernised the look and feel of our platform while maintaining the same great functionality that you know and love. The new design features streamlined navigation and easy-to-use menus.

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Managers Hub Widgets

This will be your go-to solution for centralised employee data management. With all your employee data in one place, you'll have a clear overview of your team's performance. Plus, the new widget placement makes it easier to access key information immediately.

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Improved User Experience

Our HR software upgrade includes significant improvements to the user experience, with a more intuitive interface and streamlined navigation. These changes make it easier for you to manage your HR tasks more effectively and efficiently.

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What is Next?

After the update, you'll be happy to hear that your login won't change. Your employee profile is now configurable for your information, and you can even add a profile image! We're also excited to announce that new features will be coming soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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Managers' Features and Benefits

Dedicated Managers Hub

Your ultimate solution for effectively managing personal leave and maintaining a clear distinction between personal and professional responsibilities.

New Clickable Widgets

Our new clickable widgets provide Line Managers with a convenient shortcut to access the relevant leave and absence request lists, streamlining their workflow and saving valuable time.

Department Calendar

Line Managers now have quick and easy access to check the availability of their department. You can effortlessly stay informed about your team’s schedules, facilitating better planning and coordination.

The new upgrade will change the look and feel of the HR software system, which will provide a more modern and intuitive interface. However, no functionality will be changed, so the system will continue to operate in the same way.

No, the new upgrade will not affect your existing data and settings. The upgrade only involves changes to the visual interface of the system, not the underlying functionality or data.

Upgrading to the new system can provide several benefits, including improved user experience, enhanced productivity, and a more modern and visually appealing interface. Additionally, the new system may offer new features or functionality in future updates.

While the new interface may be different from the previous one, the underlying functionality of the system will remain the same. Therefore, no additional training is necessary. However, some users may benefit from a brief orientation or overview of the new interface.

The new system's modern and intuitive interface may improve user engagement, which can lead to more efficient HR processes and workflows. The new interface may also enable users to quickly access relevant information and complete tasks more easily.

No, there are no additional costs associated with the new upgrade. The HR software provider will provide the upgrade at no additional cost.

It depends on the nature of the upgrade and the specific configuration of your HR software system. However, most HR software providers will work to minimise any downtime during the upgrade process.

Your HR software provider should provide support and assistance during and after the upgrade process. You can contact their support team or account manager for help with any questions or issues.

Yes, there will be additional documentation and resources available to help you get more information about the new system. We will provide help guides and videos that you can download and refer to for a better understanding of the new system.

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