28 Jun 2021

Your company’s philanthropy can make a big impact

Building A Better Future

The charity sector was hit hard last year. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we at Codel Software are considering what we can do to help.

Several of our clients are charitable organisations who do incredible work daily to support vulnerable people, providing them with hope and opportunity. By supporting such institutions, we in turn are aiding their cause to improve peoples lives.

Corporate social responsibility is all about companies playing their responsible part in society and giving back – a large part of that is fundraising for worthy causes. Companies, customers, and communities can, and should thrive together.

So when we learned that our Service Delivery and Activ Support Manager Freddie Webb was undertaking a series of challenges to help raise funds for a charity close to his heart, we wanted to join Freddie’s amazing journey and provide as much support as we could to both aid his fundraiser and increase awareness for such a fantastic cause.

Freddie’s Story:

‘If I can endure a little bit of pain to ease that of another – it’s a win in my eyes’

When I was born, my mother was told there was little chance I would ever walk due to me having been diagnosed with a mild form of cerebral palsy. Whilst it took me longer than most, and I certainly wasn’t the strongest or fastest kid growing up – I did, through a combination of my mother’s persistence, countless hours at physio and a lot of my own stubbornness – manage to walk, run and live a relatively unhindered lifestyle. Its not without its challenges however, but I am fortunate to have not been stricken with an acute variant of such a horrible condition. I am fortunate that I’ve able to keep training and now be arguably stronger, fitter and faster than most. Some people are not as fortunate. Some people need the extra support and care available. I cannot thank the medical staff and institutions who provided me support enough. Which is why I am going to running 3 back-to-back races/challenges to raise some funding for those who require the extra help. Not only to raise awareness for such a potentially life changing condition, but to help fund the charities and teams who help others daily. If I can endure a little bit of pain to ease that of another – its a win in my eyes.

The Challenge:

Freddie will be completing the following:

03/07/2021 – Nuclear Races – 12km and 90 endurance/strength obstacles.
10/07/2021 – Total Warrior – 12km and 25 endurance/strength obstacles. 31/10/2021 – Spartan Race – 10km and 25 endurance/strength obstacles.

We at Codel Software have contributed to his £500 target and have agreed to match a further £500 should he reach his goal!

Further details and how you can donate can be found: