Roles, Skills and Competencies


Breakdown your organisation into the individual skills required to achieve its objectives. Now group skills together and define the level of competency required, to build the roles the organisation needs. You now have a profile of your ideal workforce.  

Assign the role to your staff members and assess their competency level of each of the required skills. You now have a skills competency gap analysis allowing you to focus your staff training on the areas of development needed to meet the organisational objectives. 

Activ Training allows you to: 

  • Define individual skills and how competency in the skill is measured. 
  • Define roles consisting of skills at competence levels. 
  • Assign roles to individuals and assess skills competencies. 
  • Report on the skills gaps. 
  • Role match skill for staff across the organisation to aid internal recruitment. 

Obtaining competency can either be done manually through an appraisal or skills review, or skill competencies can be linked to training courses so that when an employee successfully completes a training course their competency scores are automatically increased to the defined level. 


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