Continuous Professional Development


As well as tracking formal training undertaken it is also important to keep a record of all other continuous professional development activities.  

Continuous professional development (CPD) is the ongoing development of knowledge and skills that every employee goes through to improve themselves and their contribution to an organisation. Previously this might have been referred to as ‘on the job training’ but this was rarely recorded or reviewed. 

Continuous professional development can take many forms, but all help develop the employees’ professional skills; here are some examples: 

  • Online training 
  • Reading professional articles 
  • Watching others 
  • Attending seminars 
  • Undertaking training exercises 

Activ Training allows you to create CPD records to plan your CPD activities, document the development activities undertaken, reflect on what you have learned and describe how you propose to apply these new skills and knowledge. Then you can follow this up with a personal assessment of the impact the learning has had for you, and the organisation and how you have shared this knowledge and skills with your colleagues and the wider community. 


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