Timesheet Approvals And Reports


All Timesheets in Activ Timesheets go through an approval process. You can configure the approval periods e.g., weekly, monthly, on the 25th every month etc., and the approval process. On submission of a timesheet, it is locked so the employee can no longer edit it. The timesheet is then sent to the manager to approve it. The manager then has the option to approve or decline the Timesheet, if declined it is returned to the employee to make the relevant corrections. On approval the employee receives a confirmation email. At any time HR can, when viewing a timesheet, revoke it so that it is returned to the employee. 

Activ Timesheets provides a suite of reports showing: 

  • Time by employee 
  • Time by cost center 
  • Time by reference 
  • Timesheets pending approval 
  • Timesheets not submitted 
  • Time recorded against scheduled work patterns 

Activ Timesheets are highly configurable and can be set up to meet most organisations’ needs 


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