Leave And Absence Integration

Timesheets – Leave & Absence Integration 

Activ Timesheets works closely with Activ Absence, it can be configured to automatically populate the timesheet with leave and absence entries from Activ Absence, so for example once your Annual Leave is approved it will automatically appear on your timesheet preventing duplication of entry.

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The timesheet configuration can be set up to accept specific types, for example you would accept a pre-approved working from home entry as you would want the employee to record the exact hours they worked, but you would accept an annual leave entry so that the standard day is included in the timesheet.

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The Timesheet can also feed data back into Activ Absence, this can either: 

  • Adjust the employees’ work pattern to reflect the actual hours worked and recalculate the annual leave allocation. 
  • Create calendar entries based on the hours worked on a particular cost center, such as out of hours work. 
  • Adjust Time Off in Lieu balances, this can be configured so that Time Off in Lieu can be accrued in multiples of the hours worked based on the time of day or day of week. For example, an employee might accrue time at 1 for 1 when working extra hours during the evening, but this might change to double time overnight after 10pm. You may also accrue at different rates on public holidays or on specific days or dates. 
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