Cost Centre Time Referencing

Activ Timesheets allows you to record time against individual cost centers to represent different projects, work types, job roles and even data types. Each time entry can also be referenced so for example a service engineer might record the time against the ‘Call Out’ cost center and reference the entry to the specific job number.

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Time Referencing


Timesheet entries may also have different unit types for each cost center, for example: 

  • Overtime might report Start Time to End Time 
  • Travel Hours might just record the total Hours and minutes without the specific times. 
  • Travel Mileage would record a numeric mileage number 
  • On Call could be a simple true or false 
  • Call Outs could be a numeric to represent the number of callouts undertaken. 

As well as referencing each timesheet entry to a cost center you can also add supporting notes as required. On submission of the timesheet can be configured to include declaration statements, for example a delivery driver might need to declare that they have not been involved in any road incidents.  

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