Policies and Procedures


Activ Handbook provides a secure online location to store your company policies and procedures, in fact you can upload any sort of document to be published into your Handbook. This could be work instruction, training guides, forms templates, company standard graphics such as your logo and its usage guide. 

Once published the documents can be accessed anytime from anywhere with a simple login to Activ People HR. The handbook is available through any web browser even on a mobile device, ensuring you people have access to the policies, procedures, and guidance whenever they need it. 

  • Central Store of all Polices & Procedures 
  • Store any other instructions and guidance 
  • Upload your company templates 
  • Accessible through any web browser 
  • Accessible on a mobile device 
  • Secure specific documents as required 

Certain documents secured as required, for example, your disaster recovery plan might include the senior manager’s home contact details so this document would be secured to the management team. 

When combined with Activ Training, training records can be created when an employee signs off that they have read and understood a policy or procedure in the Handbook


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