Distribute and Acknowledge


Ok, you’ve written up all your organisational policies and procedures and published them in the Handbook. The next stage is to ensure your staff read them and more important understand them, helping to mitigate any risks with staff not following the latest procedures. 

Activ Handbook provides the ability to send the Handbook documents to each staff member. Following a link on the email the staff member will have access to the published document, with the instruction to read it and acknowledge that they have understood it.  

You can also select which documents are sent to each staff member ensuring that they are only asked to acknowledge those applicable to their role e.g. your sales team don’t need to understand the IT backup procedures. 

  • Distribute the latest version of your policies & procedures 
  • Batch documents together to make and induction packs 
  • Only send applicable documents 
  • Record when staff acknowledgements 

Activ Handbook keeps a record of each Handbook document each staff member has been sent and which ones they have acknowledged that the have read and understood. Activ Handbook also keeps a record of which versions of a document a staff member reads to ensure everyone has read the latest version. 

If a staff member fails to acknowledge a document, they will be sent reminder emails automatically. At anytime you can access a matrix showing each staff member and which documents they have read and which ones they have yet to read. 


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