Secure Personnel Documents


Activ Documents allows you to define document classifications which can then be used to ensure you hold the correct documents in each classification and that they have not expired. 


The types of documents you may need to hold could include: 

  • CV 
  • References 
  • Pre-Employment Screening 
  • DBS checks 
  • Right to Work – Visa, EU Citizen Pre-Settled or Settled status, Indefinite Leave to Remain 
  • Proof of ID – Password 
  • Evidence of Qualifications 
  • Professional Registrations 
  • Other Role specific certifications e.g. Driver’s License 


Activ Documents provides a report showing a matrix of documents that are held or required for each employee. 

Many documents will have expiry dates such as Visas and Professional registrations, Activ Documents allows you to record the expiry dates and setup reminder notifications to ensure they are renewed in time.  


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