Version Control and Policy Reviews


Changes in an organisation’s objectives or changes in the legal regulation might require a change to your policies or procedures, Activ Handbook provides version control on any document you publish in the Handbook. 

You can draft a new version of a document, whilst you are working on the new version the current version remains published and accessible to the organisation. 

Whilst you are drafting a document you can send it for peer review, you can select the colleagues you wish to review the document and provide instruction on what to review. 

  • Version control with release numbers 
  • Draft, Published and Obsolete (Archived) 
  • Policy revision and feedback 

Once you have received the review feedback and you are ready to publish the new version, just click the publish button provide the release and the version control engine will do the rest, incrementing the version number, archiving the original document, and replacing it with the new version.  

You are now ready to distribute this across the organisation. 


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