Toil Management

Track the additional hours your staff work and approve the resulting time off.

Time Off In Lieu Management

When an organisation offers a well-managed flexible working and Time off in lieu scheme it can promote a positive work culture, optimize productivity and support the employee well-being and work life balance.

The management of Time off in lieu (TOIL) is becoming more challenging with the adoption of hybrid working and working from home. It has become more difficult for managers to see the actual hours worked by employees.

Balance pools in Activ Absence allow staff members to declare the additional hours worked and request the corresponding time off.

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What can I do with Toil Management?


  • Recording and approving additional time worked. Employees cannot simply declare they have worked additional hours; the manager must also approve that there was a genuine reason for them working the additional hours. 
  • Manager approval of time off, any time off must be authorized giving the manager the opportunity to assess impacts on availability and productivity  
  • TOIL balance can be maintained separately from Annula Leave 
  • Maintain a running balance, at any time staff member and managers can see their current balance. 
  • Set expiry dates on the time accrued, a policy of use within a set period can prevent the build up of time owe which can result a future staff cover issue particularly during holiday periods. 
  • Make balance adjustments when required
  • Set year end rules whether the balance rolls over into the next year or expires 
  • TOIL balance reports allowing managers to see the build up of time owed to help forecast upcoming staff shortages 
  • Limit the amount of TOIL that can be accrued in a set period to prevent working long hours becoming the norm. 
  • Minimum time limits of the time accrued to prevent employees recording the 15 minutes they are waiting for their lift as additional time. 

When combined with Activ Timesheets the TOIL management can also offer variable benefits based on when the additional hours are worked, for example, the employee might get time and a half back for working overnight and double time on public holidays. And of course, all the policies and rules you define for managing TOIL could be documented and published in Activ Handbook.


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