Automatic Calculations

Define Calculations

Leave Policies allow you to define the rules for calculating and employee leave accrual. The rules would define the standard full-time employee, then using the policy and the employees FTE (Full Time Equivalent) the system calculates the employee’s leave allocation. 

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Key points 


  • Allocation in Days or Hours for each employee 
  • Allocation awarded at start or year – or – Accrue as you work. 
  • Automatic pro-rata for part-time staff. 
  • Automatic pro-rata for joiners and leavers. 
  • Any number of changes in work-patterns. 
  • Any number of leave policies. 
  • Length of service increases. 
  • Automated carry-over rules. 
  • Public Holiday entitlement calculations. 
  • Accrual rules during special leave type such as sabbatical or unpaid leave. 
  • Consistent rounding rules 

Employees in Activ Absence could be full-time, part-time, or even on a rotating shift pattern (e.g. 4 on 4 off). The system will allow for any changes in the work pattern throughout the year, for example an employee changing from full-time to part-time. Based on the employee’s work pattern based on each distinct part of the year the system will apply the policy rules to calculate the employee’s allocation. The system will also apply the same rules for calculating the public holiday allocation. 


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